Sons of the Forest Stun Gun | How to Get

What’s the first gun that any survivalist would use in times of crisis, much like the ones in Sons of the Forest? An automatic rifle? Maybe a pump shotgun? How about a standard pistol? For us, we immediately think of the Stun Gun! One shot from the weapon can fully incapacitate a target, stemming from intense electric shocks that won’t finish the job, so to speak. Whether you’re leaning more toward a pacificist lifestyle or you have some sadistic intentions, anybody can use a Stun Gun in Sons of the Forest — at least when it comes to the players, of course.

How to Get a Stun Gun in Sons of the Forest

How to Get a Stun Gun in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest players can locate the Stun Gun by navigating through the northernmost cave. It’s most likely the first cave that they’ll stumble upon since it’s incredibly close to the starting helicopter crash site. All they need to do is progress through the inner right path of the cave that will lead to a hanging Puffcorp worker and a mysterious red light. Next to the body will be the gun that you’re looking for.

Now, we mentioned before that the cave does have an inner right path. What this essentially means is that there are two accessible pathways within the northernmost cave. You’ll come across the noticeable split after you make your way through the first room and until you encounter the first set of mutants amid water. A source of light (look for the small mine shaft light on the ground) will be directing you to the right path in this case. Going left will lead you to the Rebreather, which we’ve covered in another guide.

Evidently, proceed with the right path. The journey is relatively linear: hug the right side of the path as you walk among the pale stalagmites. You’ll soon run into more mutants and another split; continue heading right when you approach this. If you hear the boombox (seen hanging from above), you’re going the correct way. From there, keep progressing onward, where mutant babies will start to jump at you. These miniature foes can also be ignored. Run right by them, and you’ll finally reach the aforementioned Puffcorp employee. The Stun Gun is to the left of him.

Before you journey back, to either find the Rebreather or the exit, take a peek at where the red light is coming from. A malformed being will walk by, partially concealed by the cave’s sinister darkness. Nothing else occurs here, though it is a nice little terrifying treat to check out after grabbing the gun in question.

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