Sons of the Forest Virginia | How to Recruit

Welcome back to the Forest! Sons of the Forest continues the story from The Forest, and as such, is completely bananas. From a tribe of indigenous people who fight you to the death to mutants all around, you will encounter quite a few threats surrounding your crashed plane. However, you might find a few friends, as well. Virginia is the name of a three-legged mutant girl in Sons of the Forest who might not be as aggressive as her fellows. Let’s figure out how to make her our friend!

How to Recruit Virginia in Sons of the Forest

How to Recruit Virginia in Sons of the Forest

Virginia in Sons of the Forest can be recruited once she starts watching you from outside of the radius of your base. If you see her, holster any item in your hand (“G” or the “B” button) and make sure not to make any aggressive movements. You will know that you have “recruited” Virginia once she starts bringing you gifts and items. The mutant woman will also guide you to areas to loot and help you find random landmarks.

There is no way to speed up this process, unfortunately. Befriending Virginia will take a few sessions of her watching you. Even then, she will likely only bring small gifts for a while.

Virginia is self-sufficient in Sons of the Forest, making her less of a companion and more of a helpful forager. All you need to do is keep her alive. If she takes damage in combat, she can be healed by interacting with her when she has fallen down. Unfortunately, she can permanently die, so make sure to heal her when she’s downed!

Thankfully, she’s not quite defenseless. She can fight, but will do better if given weapons. Specifically, the mutant can wield a pistol and a shotgun… Simultaneously! Three arms are really useful sometimes. If you give her a GPS tracker, she is even more likely to return with locations to loot.