Sony And Honda Show Off Their ‘Afeela’ Prototype

Cars aren’t going away any time soon, and now non-car companies are deciding to contribute to their future. The main company in question is Sony, which has teamed up with long-time car juggernaut Honda to present a prototype for their car dubbed the Afeela. Sony has explained that it’s aiming to become a competitor in the car market while incorporating gaming into the equation. In addition to Honda, Sony has also joined up with Qualcomm which will be provided much of the important hardware for the car. As development continues, people can only wonder how both gaming and driving will be changed by it.

Afeela, the Electric Vehicle by Sony and Honda

Even though PlayStation continues to sell well across the board, Sony’s business is about way more than games. The company has decided to expand by creating a car called the Afeela in partnership with Honda and Qualcomm.

According to Reuters, the prototype for said car recently made an appearance at the CES 2023 trade show. Based on images, the division of labor appears clear: Honda provides manufacturing, Qualcomm provides material, and Sony provides the design. The Afeela bears a lot of similarities to other Sony products, most notably the PS5.

Although Sony has been very vocal about Honda’s involvement in Afeela’s development, it also shares a lot of the important work that Qualcomm is doing behind the scenes. Not only has the hardware provider helped with the car’s body, but their most important work is within the car itself. The Afeela aiming to be a new car with gaming in mind, meaning it needs processing power. Described as “intelligent mobility”, Sony is working with Qualcomm to create a whole new processor. Called the Snapdragon Ride Flex SoC, this processor will be built right into the car’s chassis. It will reportedly be used for both driving and cockpit functions.

As technology advances, so too will transportation. Electric vehicles are bigger than ever, and it makes sense for electronics manufacturers to jump on board. Sony and Honda’s Afeela prototype may be just the start of a trend in digital-based vehicles. It will certainly be interesting to watch how this project unfolds.