Splatoon 3 Card Sleeves | How to Get

Tableturf Battle is the newest game mode in Splatoon 3 for players to dive into. The competitive card game spin-off of Turf War introduces an exciting new way to ink your opponent. And if you’re enjoying the new game mode, you’ll probably want to get some card sleeves to stylize your deck. After all, the only thing better than a good deck setup is an equally fashionable setup. That is why we put together this guide showing you how to obtain all card sleeves in Splatoon 3.

How to Get Card Sleeves in Splatoon 3

How to Get Card Sleeves in Splatoon 3

To obtain every card sleeve in Splatoon 3, you must defeat each character 30 times on level 3 difficulty. There are a total of 20 card sleeves, 15 of which you get from defeating each character. It’s a difficult and demanding challenge, but it’s the only way to get all character’s sleeves. So, if you have a favorite character, you might want to start there.

You’ll begin Splatoon 3 with one default set of sleeves. You can get three more card sleeves by reaching Tableturf Ranks 20, 40, and 49. That is why working on defeating each character 30 times on level 3 difficulty is a good way to grind your way up to the Tableturf Ranks. However, one is still missing: Crusty Sean’s Card Sleeves. This one is not obtained through Tableturf Battles.

Instead, you must play Turf War and collect 23,000p inked over several matches. Then, on your mobile device, download the Nintendo Switch Online App and link to your Nintendo Account. From there, go to SplatNet 3 and choose the Wandercrust app. This is where you will be introduced to Crusty Sean and where you will be able to claim rewards. We’re on the lookout for the Tableturf Battle Dojo, where you can exchange your 23,000p for Crusty Sean’s Card Sleeves. To obtain them, simply go to the game lobby terminal and pick up your new set of sleeves.

This way you can rock some pretty stylish card sleeves while working towards the others. And if you’ve got more questions about Splatoon 3, be sure to check out our other guides below: