Splatoon 3 Glowflies | How to Beat

Splatoon 3 has a number of entertaining game modes to try, but the best co-op mode to play with friends is Salmon Run. It’s Splatoon 3’s take on a horde mode, with four players battling three waves of Salmonids to collect Power and Golden Eggs. If you’ve played that game mode, you’ve probably encountered or heard of The Rush, also known as the Glowflies Rush. It’s not an easy wave to beat, but the strategy in this guide will help you the next time you encounter it.

How to Beat Glowflies in Splatoon 3

How to Beat Glowflies in Splatoon 3

There is a certain strategy to use in Splatoon 3 in order to beat the Glowflies rush in Salmon Run. However, there are a few things you must know before we get into the strategy for defeating them.

During this rush, one player will be surrounded by Glowflies. The Salmonids will only attack the player who has Glowflies around them. Beyond that, the Glowflies will switch players every 15 seconds.

Secondly, there are far more Salmonids in this wave than in previous waves. These Salmonids are faster, allowing them to chase down the person with the Glowflies, but they are also weaker. This means despite their large numbers, they’re much easier to kill. Now that we know how the Glowflies rush affects us and the Salmonids, here’s the best way to counteract it.

Every map should have a high enough wall for players to stick to where the Salmonids cannot reach them. You need to use this wall as a vantage point. At the top, you’ll be high enough to lure the Salmonids close without getting hurt. The other players must form a safe zone around the targeted player to spray down Salmonids as they funnel in. Make sure the other three players can jump and stick to the same spot quickly when the Glowflies switch players.

This is the most effective strategy for dealing with the Glowflies in Salmon Run. And you’ll have a lot more success than frantically dodging and shooting Salmonids. The only issue is when it’s High Tide. High Tide floods the walls that you’d normally be able to stick to. Because there is nowhere for the targeted player to hide in this situation, you must rely entirely on your teamwork and abilities. But now that you have a new strategy, you’ll have much better chances.

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