Splatoon 3 Last Ditch Effort | What Does it Do?

Deciding what headgear to bring into battle in Splatoon 3 is a difficult choice. That’s because the headgear you choose comes with abilities to help you outperform the competition. And one ability that often comes in the clutch in the final moments is Last Ditch Effort. Hence the name, right? But if you’re not sure if this is the ability you want to bring to battle, we’ll tell you exactly what it does so you know when to equip it.

What Is Last Ditch Effort in Splatoon 3?

What Is Last Ditch Effort in Splatoon 3

Last Ditch Effort is one of the abilities you can equip for specific sets of headgear in Splatoon 3. The headgear that has the Last Ditch Effort as a primary ability is the Moto Shades, Swim Goggles, and Tinted Shades. So you will have to equip one of these three pieces of headgear if you want to use the ability in battle. But what exactly does the headgear ability do?

The Last Ditch Effort ability increases ink-recovery rate and weapon-ink efficiency for the final 30 seconds of a match. As soon as there are 30 seconds left in your match, the ability will activate. Last Ditch Effort will activate in ranked play when the opposing team’s countdown has 50 points remaining. The ability will also re-activate in overtime.

That is why many players prefer this ability over others, because it has the potential to turn the tide of battle in the final seconds of a match or in overtime. That’s also why you should have at least one player with the ability on your team because it could be the difference maker in a tight game. If the majority of your squad has it, it will also be difficult for other teams to make a comeback. So choose your headgear and abilities wisely, but Last Ditch Effort is not a bad one to constantly main in battle.

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