Splatoon 3 Roadmap and DLC Plans Revealed

After the success of previous titles, Nintendo have been developing Splatoon 3. Now, the company has reached a point where it can share more details about its progress. This includes a roadmap to showing what’s to come for the game both before and after its release. Since it’s been quite some time since the last Splatoon game, competitive players are on the edge of their seats to catch any new of the newest one.

The Splatoon 3 Roadmap

Splatoon quickly became one of the most popular titles on Nintendo’s least popular modern console, the Wii U. It was quickly followed by Splatoon 2 in 2017. It’s a game which continues to thrive on the Switch. Now, Splatoon 3 looks well on the way.

The newest entry has been mentioned in passing for quite some time. However, Nintendo has just recently revealed a roadmap showcasing its intent for future support. Among all the content and updates that are being planned for it are a bunch of new weapons to be introduced, new stages to play in, and new items for the in-game catalog every three months. However, the crown jewel of it all is a big piece of DLC that players can buy to expand.

Players killing players dominate competitive gaming which is why the Splatoon series has always stood apart from them. The main game mode revolves around using ink to cover as much of the stage in your team’s color before the time runs out. Though you can kill enemy players, this was more of an option rather than the focus. Since then, the Splatoon series has gone on to feature a number of game modes that take place in a colorful world where players can turn into squids to navigate the map.

Nintendo appears confident about the game’s release with the Splatoon 3 roadmap revealing some ambitious plans for it. Until details are set in stone, players can hone their skills in the previous game to prepare for the matches to come.