Splatoon 3 | What Does Clout Do?

Every month or so, Splatoon 3 holds its Splatfest event, which usually runs for a limited 48-hour window. This event lets players choose one of three teams to ride and fight with during the duration. You’ll also notice something called Clout, which is an exclusive feature a part of Splatfest. It’s alright if you don’t know what it does just yet, but you’ll definitely want to know in order to prepare you for the next Splatfest. So read on to find out what Clout does in Splatoon 3.

What Does Clout Do in Splatoon 3?

What Does Clout Do in Splatoon 3?

Clout determines the winner of Splatfest and essentially increases your rank. Every match you play during Splatfest will earn your team Clout, and the team with the most at the end will be crowned the winner. Your Clout ranking at the end of the event will determine the number of Super Sea Snails you get. These are used to raise the star power of your gear and or re-roll your sub ability slots.

How Do You Earn Clout?

You earn Clout in matches during Splatfest according to the total amount of area you and your teammates cover in paint. However, you can also earn it by taking out opponents, dodging enemy ink, and winning matches. That’s why your performance in matches will not only count towards your Clout rank but also your teams. So effectively, everyone is contributing to earning Clout for themselves and their team during Splatfest, regardless of the Splatfest battle modes.

Splatfest Explained

During Splatfest, there will be three modes, Open, Pro, and Tricolor. Open is your basic pub matches which you can team up with friends and play. Pro is for the more competitive players; however, you can only play solo and get paired with teammates. With that said, in this mode, you can earn more Clout for killing players of a higher rank than you. The Tricolor Turf War begins halfway through Splatfest and pits all three teams against each other. This gives the losing teams a chance to make a comeback on the final day.

The last thing to know about Splatfest and are special battles. You can occasionally enter battles with a 10x multiplayer, which increases the amount of Clout you earn for that match. If you win the match, you will receive a Festival Shell. The more Festival Shells you have, the more likely it is that you will enter rare 100x matches. If both teams trigger the 100x, they will enter a super rare 333x match, which will grant you an absurd amount of Clout.

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