Splatoon 3 | What Does Symbol Over Name Mean?

In some lobbies of Splatoon 3, you may have run into a strange phenomenon: Some players have a symbol over their name. This symbol is usually a red crown and follows them wherever they go. Splatoon 3 doesn’t exactly tell you what is going on, either! If you’re confused why a player in your lobby – or even you yourself – might have this symbol above their head, then this guide will tell you!

What Does Symbol Over Name Mean in Splatoon 3?

Splatoon 3 Symbol Over Name

The red crown that appears over some player’s names is an achievement for clearing the 100x or 333x Battle modes. These game modes occur when players with a lot of Festival Shells join the same fight, so you’ll need to team up with others. This mode was only available during the Splatfest event, but will likely return in any future events with shells.

Any player with a crown simply completed a 100x or 333x battle during the launch event of Splatoon, and will likely no longer have the crown above their head. These were event-based symbols, after all! Now that the event is over, they should have gone away. It is likely that, once more events are brought into Splatoon 3, we will see these flourishes return.

Right now, there is no other documentation of symbols above players names. Since Rank X has not been implemented in Splatoon 3 quite yet, we will likely not see the Top 500 crown for a short while.

However, there have been crowns for Top 500 in the past! Once Rank X gets added in a future update, expect to see these crowns in high-level games. Those crowns were given to players who reached the highest levels of Splatoon in high-ranking lobbies. You won’t be seeing them until you’re closer to the top, in S+ rank games!

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