Splitgate | How to Close Portals

The Splitgate servers have been improving, allowing players to produce portals on a regular basis. Using your portals is the name of the game, and they can be the ultimate route to a sick kill. But what if you need to close a portal while soaring through the air during combat? It’s pretty simple, so keep reading ahead to learn how to close portals, as well modify them, too.

How to Close Portals in Splitgate

how to close portals in Splitgate menu

Using the default control scheme in Splitgate, the Q and E keys will open portals, while Z and X will close portals. If you’re using a controller, left on the D-Pad will close the left portal, while right on the D-Pad will close the right one.

These keys can be easily reprogrammed by going into the game’s Settings menu. Select the Mouse/Keyboard tab, then choose the Keybinds section. From there, scroll down to the Portal subsection, where the desired keybinds can be found. Additionally, those who use a controller can head over to the Controller tab for the Controls section. The game offers different options on how to customize the controller layout.

The ability to close your portal is something you should always keep in mind. Cognizant enemies may spot your portal and toss an omit grenade to basically delete it. This might disrupt your flow of carnage, depending on how quick you are at running around the map.

If an enemy is chasing after you, you can quickly utilize a portal scheme to juke them. For example, if an enemy is on your tail, conjure a portal to quick turn while having another one set nearby. You can run or jump through one of the portals and then quickly close them, leaving your adversary at a loss. Another example is setting faraway doorways and sniping your enemies through them. If they try to shoot or go through, you can subvert that by closing them.

Of course, you can always shoot your portals elsewhere to re-establish a new connection. But if you need a quick fix on how to abruptly close a portal, be sure to follow the steps above. Remember, use your grenade as well if an enemy portal is hindering your team from scoring a victory.