Spotify Buys The Song Guessing Game Heardle

When Wordle came to light, it wasn’t long before similar games started to appear and one of the bigger ones is shifting owners. The song-based game Heardle has recently been acquired by the music streaming service Spotify. This is a pretty significant move having such a quick and casual activity draw the attention of one of the biggest music-related companies to bring it under its umbrella. Despite the indie origins of the game, it seems that Heardle is moving up in the world of music and gaming as it stands to reach a much wider audience while keeping its core unchanged.

Heardle Jumps To Spotify

Even though Wordle was released recently in October of 2021, it was soon followed by Heardle in February earlier this year. The game is barely five months old and has already acquired a huge listener and player base. It’s because of this that Spotify has decided to add Heardle to its services for those who have signed up. Though the amount that the company has paid has not been disclosed, Spotify is insisting that Heardle will “look and feel” the same under its ownership. Considering the game was free-to-play before the acquisition, this statement may bring some relief to frequent Heardle players.

When Wordle launched, it brought back the idea and feel of a daily crossword puzzle. Players can sign into the site every day to see a new blank word. They then get several guesses to figure out what the word is with rules similar to Hangman. From this, Glenn Angelo of digital design from Studio Omakase, decided to create a spin-off game called Heardle. Instead of words, players would sign on to see a short audio clip of a song. They would then try to guess the song based on the sounds with a little more being revealed after every guess until they succeed or run out of guesses.

From it’s own website, Heardle has now moved entirely over to Spotify with people going through it being directed to main sight. So, for those looking to challenge their musical memory, they should make a Spotify account and jump the Heardle.