Spotify Has Expanded Into Roblox

Spotify is where many people go to listen to music, but now it’s crossed into video games. If you’re exploring the various user-created worlds of Roblox, you can now visit the newly created Spotify Island. Yes, Spotify has created a world in Roblox for those looking to experience their favorite music in a new way. Players will be able to listen to their selected songs and artists all the while making their own sound on the island. They’ll be able to interact with other music lovers and even undertake quests as provided while exploring. Spotify is also saying that their current island will act as a hub that will allow players to travel to other islands that they will release throughout the year.

Spotify Sounds In Roblox Realms

Roblox has been a household name ever since it released back in 2006. It’s since been built into a creation and world-building tool for casual and professional players alike. As it happens, Spotify also released in 2006. In other words, the two companies have been growing alongside each other for over 15 years. Perhaps that’s why they’ve finally combined. More specifically, the folks at Spotify have created a digital representation of their services in Roblox‘s most current iteration.

Spotify says its island is a place intended to bring all their users together to interact with each other. They’ve also hinted at exclusive content and merchandise that will only be available by exploring the main island and any other islands attached to it. Players are free to roam around and explore all the areas, many of which contain Spotify’s thematic designs such as collectible “Liked” heart icons as well as musical notes.

In addition to the island, Spotify has also created a playlist specifically for it. It contains a variety of artists including Tame Impala, Stray Kids, and San Holo. While Spotify is teasing that more themed islands will be available in the future, they’re encouraging players to explore what they have so far. Right now, you can dive right in to visit K-Park, Spotify’s Roblox tribute to the K-Pop genre.