Square Enix Gives In To Chaos With Final Fantasy NFTs

The Final Fantasy series is arguably Square Enix’s bread and butter. Now, the company is adding another heaping helping to the slice. The company has announced that they will be launching their own Final Fantasy NFT project. These pieces of digital content have blown up in recent years generating enormous amounts of revenue for those producing them. Though they’re inherently collectible in nature, there have been attempts to add value to NFTs by making them comparable to cryptocurrencies. However, it’s unlikely that Square Enix has this in mind as they start to make their own digital and physical tokens for people to throw money at if they choose.

The Final Fantasy NFT: For True Collectors?

With Final Fantasy still raking in millions as Square Enix continues to work on the remake of what is considered the greatest entry in the series, Final Fantasy VII. Though they’ve decided to split the remake into several parts, that hasn’t stopped them from coming up with other ways to make cash, like their NFT venture. By putting this system in place, Square Enix hopes to appeal to dedicated fans who will be able to buy physical figures that will come with codes relating to in-game content. As a result, this is shaping up to be a very expensive and convoluted form of DLC.

When NFTs first appeared, it wasn’t very clear what they were or what purpose they served. Simply put, they’re unique arrangements of code representing everything from cryptocurrency to base image files. People were scrambling to scoop them up as quickly as they appeared simply for the bragging rights. This had the unfortunate side-effect of requiring a lot of storage and processing power simply to manage all the NFTs which has led to a harsh environmental impact. Although Square Enix has stated that they have partnered with Enjin and will mainly be using the supposedly environmentally-friendly Efinity Parachain, it’s not dissuading doubts.

The Final Fantasy NFT project has a physical component to make it more appealing, but doesn’t change the fact that it’s mainly Square Enix that will be profiting at the cost of players’ disposable income and the planet itself. It’s ironic, but this is exactly the kind of thing that Cloud and his Avalanche friends would risk their lives to stop.