Star Citizen Players Can’t Log In Following Latest Update

A game can be so big that developers may decide to release it piecemeal rather than all at once. In the right circumstances, it could work out for both themselves and for eager players. Star Citizen is the kind of game that has been updating for years, but now has locked players out from playing. The most recent update had the unfortunate side-effect of preventing old and new players from logging in to their accounts. This definitely poses a problem considering the game has been continually updated for over 10 years now. Who knows what other problems can still arise?

Star Citizen Update Login Lockout

Cloud Imperium Games had an ambitious idea for a universe-spanning MMORPG about living, flying, and fighting among the stars in Star Citizen. Its servers became active in 2012, but the game was never confirmed as completed with updates, patches, and expansions aiming to round out the experience. Its progress has hit a snag with the latest update that is preventing players from getting into the game.

According to Eurogamer, the update draws on a specific element of Alpha 3.18, the largest and newest version of the game to date. It focuses on emphasizing player persistence by giving them a way to track objects that they have moved. Although the game went offline days ago to address the update issues, errors still remain.

Because Star Citizen is such a huge game that relies on online stability, issues are inevitable. It provides a cosmic playground for players to explore in a myriad of ways. In the far future, space travel is the norm and people are able to start a business, work freelance, explore, fight, and do whatever is available to make the most of their time. It makes for a time-consuming experience that is seemingly endless, much like the universe itself. However, unlike reality, this universe can glitch and kick you out sometimes.

Star Citizen may never truly finish development and the most recent issues prove that it still has a lot to work on. If updates run the risk of preventing players from logging in to actually play the game, they’ll continue to be counterproductive to the game’s completeness.