Star Wars: Hunters Mobile and Switch Has Been Delayed

If there’s one thing about Star Wars games, it’s their unusual relationship with timelines. Well, the series’ newest game is paying for that. The recently announced Star Wars: Hunters has been pushed back for a later release. Though it’s being promoted for portable platforms, the game has been receiving a lot of attention for its presentation. Gameplay footage already shows what may shape up to be a popular entry in the Star Wars gaming library while still being accessible to both fans and non-fans. However, it seems that there are still some issues to work out before it’s ready to go on the market.

Star Wars: Hunters Switch and Mobile Delayed to 2023

Like other Star Wars titles, game or otherwise, Star Wars: Hunters has a lot of support behind it. Aside from the expected Lucasfilm Games, there’s also the efforts of Natural Motion Games and Zynga adding to its development. Still, if something doesn’t feel right, or if the devs are working towards meeting “high expectations”, then a delay is inevitable. Though gameplay footage was released in December of 2021 with a plan to release this year, the devs have indeed decided to push it back to 2023. Although Star Wars has never been a flawless series, the folks behind are aiming not to disappoint with this title.

While this franchise may have covered all sorts of genres, Star Wars: Hunters manages to set itself apart. Having a combination of stylistic and realistic visuals, the game looks to be a fast-paced competitive affair. Players will get a chance to play different characters and species in the Star Wars universe as they enter the arena. It’s a third-person shooter with a lot of flair and color. Being made for both mobile and Switch, it has the potential to remain consistently active. After all, pretty much anyone will be able to play on-the-go.

Star Wars: Hunters has been almost two years in the making and despite what they’ve released, the devs are still not feeling confident in a 2022 release. In response, this MOBA game will be pushed until 2023 before appearing on Switch and mobile devices.