How to Solve the Singing Ruins Puzzle in Jedi: Survivor

Exploring the planets of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is a task whose danger cannot be undersold. From Coruscant to Tanalorr, you will encounter many different situations that will put you into mazes or battlegrounds. The Singing Ruins on Jedha is a puzzle, represented as a series of caves that you must explore if you want to escape. But, leaving is not as simple as exploring willy-nilly. If you’re having trouble leaving the Singing Ruins, this guide will explain everything you need to solve the puzzle.

How to Solve the Singing Ruins Puzzle in Jedi: Survivor
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Jedi: Survivor Singing Ruins Puzzle Solution

The Singing Ruins puzzle in Jedi: Survivor requires using the Force to pull out several small blocks scattered across the southern wall. When you head into the windy, circular chamber, check to the left and pull out the lower block with the Force, and then head to the right wall-run to pull that block.

From there, run onto the right block via wall-run, then keep going to pull the next block. Turn back around and aim up to grapple onto another wall run, heading back towards the first block you pulled out. Finally, climb up the wall to start climbing on the roof. Follow that down to a rope, swing down the wall, and then jump into the stream of wind to unlock the Dash.

This jumping puzzle is quite confusing. It requires a lot of doubling back if you want to get it done right the first time. It doesn’t help that the prompt to use Force Push doesn’t come up unless you’re very close to the blocks in question, either. Often, this means you’ll have to run near the edge of each platform for Cal to find the blocks. Look for the prompt and the blue visuals around each block. You’re going to pull out every single one of them in the room, so it pays to be thorough if you don’t see exactly where you’re going!

Once you’ve gotten past the block part of the puzzle, you’re basically home free. Cal will learn how to fight the wind while in mid-air via dashing. You will then enter a tutorial area where you’ll be asked to practice dashing over and over again. This part is very linear, offering a nice break from the rather odd puzzle you’ve just encountered.

However, the block puzzle and dash aren’t the only things that you can find in the Singing Ruins. And you might wanna just get everything out of the way the first time, since it doesn’t involve any back tracking.

Jedi: Survivor Singing Ruins Puzzle Solution
Exploring this small area will require you to find both collectables for 100% completion!

Singing Ruins Collectable Locations

Collectables are optional objectives that usually offer nothing more than lore or completion, like the Aquarium in Pyloon’s Saloon. There are two collectables in the Singing Ruins of Jedha:

  • Database: Upon riding the wind into the ruins from outside, take a left. After a short hallway, you will be asked to sense an echo on the floor. This is your database entry, and counts as a collectable.
  • Treasure: From the circular room at the start of the Ruins, head to the right and sneak through the crack in the rubble. Head down the slope and take a left where the path forks. Hidden behind a few bricks is your next treasure, a Jedha Scroll.

Once you have both collectables, they will show up when you look at the Singing Ruins on your map. There is no explicit, in-game reward for collecting all items in the Singing Ruins. But, this is an easy area to complete the first time you come here! If you ever plan on 100%-ing Jedi: Survivor, there is no reason to have to come back to this subzone.

Where Are The Singing Ruins in Jedi: Survivor?

The Singing Ruins are located on Jedha, to the northeast. It is an area between the Timeworn Bridge and Blustery Mesa.

Do You Have to Complete the Singing Ruins in Jedi: Survivor?

Yes, the Singing Ruins are not optional. You need to complete it for the Dash ability, allowing you to access areas that you are otherwise unable to.

How Do You Get The Edgehawk Lightsaber In Jedi: Survivor?

The Edgehawk Lightsaber is located on Koboh, in the Water Treatments Facility area. To get it, you will need the Dash, Slam, and Lift abilities.