Star Wars: KOTOR Console Commands | All Cheat Codes

With the anticipated remake of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic on the impending horizon, re-visitation has been imminent. The thought of reliving this beloved title has left many craving for the upcoming release. To satisfy that craving, some have fled to replaying the game with an interest to implement cheats into the gameplay. Here’s how you can unlock and use cheat codes in Star Wars: KOTOR.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Console Commands

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Cheat Code Console Commands

In order to use the console commands for the game, you must manually enable their functionality into the game. In other words, you need to go into the game’s system files. Assuming that you purchased the game through Steam, follow these steps. Find your game within whichever drive you have Steam installed. Locate KOTOR by following C:\[your game directory]\Steam\steamapps\common\swkotor.

Open the swkotor.ini file to initiate a Notepad displaying the game’s various options. Head toward the [Game Options] section. Add a space after [Game Options] where you will then add “EnableCheats=1” to the list. Once you have that typed in, save the file. After that, you’ll be set; go into your game and use the tilde key to instigate the console commands.

List of Cheat Codes

For all non-item cheat codes, refer to the following list to see which ones you’d like to experiment with:

  • heal – Refills characters’ health points and force points.
  • turbo – Characters will move much faster.
  • invulnerability – God mode.
  • infiniteuses – Allows infinite item usage.
  • warp – Teleport to a specific location.
  • whereami – Displays your current cordinates.
  • revealmap – The current map’s entirety is revealed.
  • bright – Grealy illuminates the game’s brightness. Very effective in darker areas.
  • restartminigame – Restarts the current minigame.
  • addexp [amount] – Provides additional experience points.
  • addlevel – Levels up your character’s experience to advance to the next one.
  • givecredits [amount] – Inputting a specific number of credits will be given to the player.
  • givemed – Gives the player 100 medkits.
  • giverepair – Gives the player 100 advanced repair kits.
  • givesecspikes – Gives the player 100 security spikes.
  • givecomspikes – Gives the player 100 computer spikes.
  • givesitharmour – Gives the player 100 armor.
  • giveparts – Gives the player 100 repair parts.
  • addlightside [amount] – Instills light side points. Not adding a number will cause the cheat to automatically add the maximum number of light points possible.
  • adddarkside [amount] – Functions just the same as addlightside but for the dark side.
  • setawareness [level] – Sets Awareness to the desired level.
  • setcharisma [level] – Sets Charisma to the desired level.
  • setcomputeruse [level] – Sets the Computer Use skill to the desired level.
  • setconstitution [level] – Sets the Constitution skill to the desired level.
  • setdemolitions [level] – Sets the Demolitions skill to the desired level.
  • setdexterity [level] – Sets the Dexterity skill to the desired level.
  • setintelligence [level] – Sets the Intelligence skill to the desired level.
  • setpersuade [level] – Sets the Persuasion skill to the desired level.
  • setrepair [level] – Sets the Repair skills to the desired level.
  • setsecurity [level] – Sets the Security skill to the desired level.
  • setstealth [level] – Sets the Stealth skill to the desired level.
  • setstrength [level] – Sets the Strength skill to the desired level.
  • settreatinjury [level] – Sets the Treat Injury skill to the desired level.
  • setwisdom [level] – Sets the Wisdom skill to the desired level.
  • dancedancemalak – Transforms Darth Malak into a dancing Twi’lek.

Be sure to save your game before you start messing around with the cheats. You definitely don’t want a corrupted game in your files if you’re looking to dive deep into Knights of the Old Republic. But these cheat codes should keep you content if you’re just trying to play around until the remake releases.