Star Wars: KOTOR Switch Physical Version | Is There A Cartridge Edition?

The upcoming remake as well as the Nintendo Switch port have brought Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic back into the spotlight. While we do have to wait for the remake to release sometime in 2022, the Switch version will be launching this October. Some have already set their pre-orders for the game, but some other folks are wondering if the port will have a physical version. So, will there be a cartridge edition of the game?

Is There A Physical Version of Star Wars: KOTOR for Nintendo Switch?

Star Wars KOTOR Is there a Physical Edition for Switch version

There will not be a physical version of Star Wars: KOTOR on the Nintendo Switch. Like with the other games from Aspyr, this port will be an all-digital version. Unfortunately, that means you won’t be able to buy a cartridge edition from stores.

This will probably be saddening for those who wish to collect Switch cartridges or physical games in general. Still, the beloved RPG is finally coming to the Switch. Plus, when it comes to transitioning from home mode to the on-the-go method, keeping a digital library will save a some physical space for yourself.

Of course, we are inclined to never say never. There’s a possibility that a cartridge edition might be available one day, but we wouldn’t bet on it. With Aspyr focusing on all-digital releases for other Star Wars titles, we aren’t expecting a physical edition to arrive any time soon.

This is just the nature of the industry now. Big-name, triple-A releases are deemed worthy of retail versions, but old-school ports, not so much. It’s the same story with the Castlevania Advance Collection. Thankfully, the prices of digital versions are typically lower than their physical counterparts.

Sorry, folks: Aspyr hasn’t mentioned any plans to release a physical version of Star Wars: KOTOR on the Nintendo Switch. If you want to take Knights of the Old Republic on the go, you’ll have to buy the digital version.