Where to Find All Legendary Fish in Stardew Valley

So, you’ll looking to have your name written down in the history books, eh? Well, hunting down the legendary fish of Stardew Valley is an excellent way to do so! These fish have hard-set level requirements, locations that you can find them, and are exceptionally difficult catches. But it is possible to catch all five – and, eventually, all ten – of the legendary ocean dwellers!

The Legend, and all of the Legendary Fish, are hard to find and have specific location requirements.

Even with the requirements listed below, all of these fish are exceptionally difficult to catch. You’ll know you hooked one because, instead of the generic minigame, you’ll get a distinct mark during the catching of the fish. In order to maximize your chance to grab these mythical creatures, try to obtain an Iridium Rod, get high level bait, and cook food for fishing. Maxing out your fishing level – and practicing on difficult fish, like the Octopus – is key to success.

Legendary fish are one per player, meaning that once you catch one of them, you’re done! No more of the same-name legendary fish can be caught ever again. You do not need them for any fishing bundle.


In order to hook the legendary Angler in Stardew Valley, you must be fishing level 3 and cast your line in Pelican Town during the Fall. You must head to the northernmost end of the river, which is basically all of the river north of the bridge at the northernmost part of Pelican Town. You can catch Angler at any time during any weather pattern, as long as it’s during the Fall month.

Angler is a great introduction to Legendary Fish in Stardew Valley, as it requires a very low Fishing Level and isn’t as difficult to catch as most of his legendary comrades. That being said, gear up for a hard day. This fish only has a 20% chance of being caught, regardless of fishing zone or fishing level. You can up it to 25% with a Curiosity Lure. However, that might be best saved for the other Legends.

At 900g, this is by far the cheapest of the legendary fish.


The Crimsonfish is an ocean-dwelling fish that can be caught on the Beach during the Summer. It can be caught during any time and during any weather condition, however you will need Fishing level 5 in order to hook it. Once you are Fishing level 5 in the summer, you must repair the small bridge to get to the far east end of the bridge and fish anywhere on the shore or piers of the eastern shore. Then, you must cast your rod at least four tiles away from shore.

The Crimsonfish must be in either four tile away water or three tile away bubbles in order to be caught. You can cast even further away than that if you’d like! Fishing Zones tend to be a minimum. As long as you’re at least four times away (or three, if you land in bubbles), you should be in the right Fishing Zone to catch the Crimsonfish.

Even if you meet all of the requirements – fishing level 5, eastern shore of the Beach, casting far enough – you still have only an 18% chance to catch it. Thankfully, you can potentially catch it at any point during the Summer. This is a good fishing project in general, thanks to the fairly high quality of fish in the Ocean.

At 1,500g, the Crimsonfish won’t make you your fortune by itself, but it’ll certainly make your accountant happy.


The four non-Legend Legendary fish are found scattered around the Valley.

The Glacierfish can only be caught in Cindersap Forest during the Winter season. It can be caught at any time and during any weather pattern, as long as you have Fishing level 6. To catch it, you must be standing at the southernmost tip of Arrowhead Island, and you must cast your fishing line at least four tiles away from the shore.

Arrowhead Island is the small, triangular structure in the center of the River. You must cast directly south to hook the legendary fish, towards where the river meets the ocean. Stand on the furthest little outcropping of the island towards the south.

Once you meet these requirements, the Glacierfish has a 50% chance of spawning. Curiosity Lures do nothing to this, but… It’s a coin-flip. You don’t really need a higher chance than that!

At 1,000g, the Glacierfish is definitely worth your time. But, at Fishing level 6 and with a gigantic difficulty, you’ll need to work for it!


The King of All Fish, a legend among legendary fish, Legend can be found in the Mountain Lake only during rainy days. You must be Fishing level 10 to even get a chance to catch this fish, but that fishing level can be acquired using temporary buffs like Seafoam Pudding. Once you’re at the Mountain Lake, you must fish five tiles away from any landmass. The region of the lake near the large submerged log is very apt, but is not the only place that you can hook Legend.

Legend has a very low catch chance, even with all of these requirements being met! At a 10% chance, you’ll likely be searching for him for a few days. That being said, of the legendary fish, he is at least nice enough not to have specific tiles to work with. As long as it is Raining and you’re high level, you just need to cast your line five tiles away from every landmass.

At 5,000g, you’re truly taking home the champion of all fish. That’s quite a lot! That’s a seventh of a new Greenhouse by itself!

Mutant Carp

The oozing, horrifying Mutant Carp can be hooked at any time in the Sewers. It’s a difficult fish to catch, but you can catch it during any season and at any fishing level. Every time you cast your lure into the sewer, you have a 10% chance to catch this legendary fish.

As soon as you get into the Sewer, via donating 60 items, you can catch this legendary fella. The Mutant Carp is still a difficult grab, but there are ways that you can cheese it. Since it darts up and down the fishing minigame, you can stick around the middle to slowly but surely catch it.

That’s it, really! At 1,000g, this mutated monstrosity is a good find.

Mr. Qi’s Extended Family Quest

Mr. Qi won't let you get away with only catching five legendary fish!

Don’t worry, though. You’re not done at a meager five fish! There are five additional legendary fish related to the original five that Mr. Qi will ask you to hunt during the “Extended Family” quest. Thankfully, they will be generally easier to grab, now that you know the location of each of them.

Each of the new family members have the same requirements as their family members, except for Legend II. Legend II does not require it to be raining to catch him. They can also be caught during any season, unlike their forbearers.

However, in order to catch any of Mr. Qi’s legendary fish, you must have the “Extended Family” quest activated, which requires you to get Mr. Qi’s special order board activated by obtaining 100 Golden Walnuts. Once you get this quest, you have three days to hunt down any number of them. If you get all five, you’ll get 20 Qi Gems.

You won’t be able to immediately tell that you are catching the fish, unlike with the original legendary fish. That’s because the fishing bar doesn’t change color.

Expert Tip

You can catch multiple of Ms. Angler, Son of Crimsonfish, Glacierfish Jr., Legend II, and Radioactive Carp during Mr. Qi’s quest. If you’re confident in your fishing skills, Glacierfish Jr. is the easiest catch with the highest chance to hook per cast. However, Legend II is worth 5,000g! That’s five Glacierfish Juniors. If you save up a bunch of fishing buffs and a lot of Curiosity Lures, catch all of the fish and then target Legend II for a very high profit, if risky, fishing venture. Once you run out of Curiosity Lures, Glacierfish Jr. is probably the more consistently profitable bet.

What To Do With Legendary Fish

All legendary fish are good for selling. None of them are needed for any quests, outside of the “Extended Family” quest. They are all worth a ton of money, no villagers like them, and they are not needed for any crafting recipe. However, you can make a Fish Tank and put them on display if you’d like.

For the first batch of legendary fish, you might want to save them for decoration in fish tanks. You’ll be losing out on 9,400g worth of scaled devils, but they would look so cool in your home! In addition, since you can theoretically farm them eternally with the “Extended Family” quest, you can still make good money once you reach endgame! Mr. Qi will let you sell as many as you want.

However, we understand if you want to get the huge amount of money immediately. Since legendary fish can roll quality – just like other fish – they can make you mint if you get a silver, gold, or iridium star on any of them.

Just remember: The original five can only be caught once per character per save file. Do you really want to sell them for a quick 10k? Think about it, before you put poor Legend into a box and send him to a factory.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I sell or keep Legendary Fish?

This largely depends on your preference of decorative style. The original five legendary fish are only available once per save file, making keeping them extremely tempting, but that offers you no mechanical benefit. Selling them brings a total of 9,400g. You should be willing to sell any members of Mr. Qi’s Extended Family, since those are replicable over the course of the 3 day quest.

How do I make a Fish Tank?

You can purchase various sizes of Fish Tank from Willy’s Shop, or build them for free once you unlock the Furniture Catalogue. You can purchase the Aquatic Sanctuary, the largest Fish Tank, from Mr. Qi’s Walnut Room for 20 Qi Gems. Larger fish tanks allow for additional swimming fish and creatures that rest on the bottom, but also clog up more space.

Can you put Legendary Fish into the pond?

No, legendary fish cannot be placed into a fish pond to create more. Qi’s Extended Family also cannot be placed into ponds, even though they’re theoretically able to be replicated.