Stardew Valley Ancient Fruit | How to Get

There are a lot of items that can be harvested for various purposes in the lovable farming game Stardew Valley. One of these items is an Ancient Fruit, and the exact purpose of this strange fruit is unknown at first glance. Don’t despair: We have the solutions to what the Ancient Fruit is and what it is used for. This guide will explain how to grow and use the Stardew Valley Ancient Fruit.

How to Get Ancient Fruit in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Ancient Fruit

In order to get yourself an Ancient Fruit in Stardew Valley, all you need to do is pick up your trusty pickaxe and mine some rocks. After breaking several rocks, you will eventually find an Ancient Seed. After it’s been planted and allowed to grow for 28 days, the Ancient Seed will yield an Ancient Fruit.

These Ancient Fruits can earn the player quite a bit of money depending on their star rating, all of which can be seen listed below. Furthermore, if you have Tiller Profession unlocked, you can also get a 10% boost to sale price, again depending on the star rating.

Ancient Fruit Star Rating Base Price:

  • (No Stars) 550g
  • (Silver Star) 687g
  • (Gold Star) 825g

Ancient Fruit Star Rating With Tiller Profession:

  • (No Stars) 605
  • (Silver Star) 756
  • (Gold Star) 907g

The Ancient Fruit’s seed variant is also classified as an artifact. As such, it can be donated to the museum. The fruit also has two other usages beyond just being sold outright: The Ancient Fruit can be made into a jelly and also can be turned into wine. The jelly can be made with the preserves jar, while the wine can be crafted through use of the keg.

Both of these Ancient Fruit products can be sold for quite a bit of money, with the wine being the most profitable out of the three options. Further, players can also grow it in a Greenhouse to earn some quick Gold. For more details, check the list below for all of the prices for both items. Furthermore, similar to the fruit itself, having the Artisan profession unlocked will grant a 40% boost to sale price, depending on the star rating for both wine and jelly.

Wine Star Rating Base Price:

  • (No Stars) 1650g
  • (Silver Star) 2062g
  • (Gold Star) 2475g
  • (Iridium Star) 3300g

Wine Star Rating With Artisan Profession:

  • (No Stars) 2310g
  • (Silver Star) 2887g
  • (Gold Star) 3465g
  • (Iridium Star) 4620g

Jelly Base Price:

  • (No Stars) 1150g

Jelly With Artisan Profession:

  • (No Stars) 1610g

That’s all we have regarding how to get and what to do with the Ancient Fruit in Stardew Valley. We hope this guide provided the answers you were looking for, and will also give you an idea on how to make some serious gold in the game. For more helpful tips, we suggest checking out some of our other guides on the game that can be found listed below. Goodbye for now and happy farming!