How To Get Aquamarine in Stardew Valley

Although the trend of mining games may not be as high as it once was, there are still plenty of old and new titles that include it as a mechanic, including Stardew Valley. A pickaxe is one of your main tools, and the area called the Mines is the main source of minerals such as Aquamarine.

The Mines are the place you’ll need to go if you’re looking for minerals that will be necessary for some of the more useful Recipes and Upgrades. However, if you’re unfamiliar with mining in general, Aquamarine may seem a bit elusive. Don’t worry, because there’s not all that much to it. This guide will explain where to find this luminous blue stone, and give extra details about all the things it can be used for.

Aquamarine Locations in Stardew Valley

In terms of finding Aquamarine in the overworld, you’ll need to rely mainly on water sources. By panning the river and other bodies of water, you’ll have a chance to find some. Alternatively, you can also fish for it by trying to catch treasure chests. As a bonus for reaching the very bottom of the mines, this meets the conditions of making it so that Aquamarine might spawn in one of the random Garbage Cans scattered around Pelican Town.

If you’re planning to go adventuring, you can find Aquamarine in the Mines and the Volcano Dungeon. For the former, it’s possible to get some by breaking Gem Nodes and hoping for the best. However, like other precious minerals, this mineral has its own Node associated with it that has a light blue color to it.

Aquamarine Nodes are pretty rare, but they have a greater probability of spawning on any Mining level past floor 40. In terms of loot drops, this is where you’ll need to go to the Volcano Dungeon on Ginger Island. An enemy called the Dwarvish Sentry has a one-in-ten chance to drop one when defeated.

What Is Aquamarine Used For?

Though it’s a relatively rare mineral, Aquamarine doesn’t really have a high amount of utility. Its most notable use is as an ingredient in the Marble Brazier decor. This is a pretty fancy-looking piece that will definitely class up any room in which you place it, but you’ll also need some Marble and a lot of Stone to make it. The recipe itself can only be bought from Robin after you’ve already bought the Skull Brazier recipe, and it will cost you a hefty 5,000 Gold.

It’s also a decent option as a forging material, since when combined with a weapon, it has the ability to raise its critical hit chance. It can also be added to the Sewing Machine to produce an Aquamarine shirt. When put into Dye Pots, it produces a blue dye. Maintaining the clothing theme, three of these blue stones can be given to the Desert Trader on Wednesday to get some Cloth, which you can use to turn a small profit if you have the Artisan profession.

As a product, it has a decent amount of value. Its base price is 180 Gold which can be raised to 234 Gold if you decide to take up the Gemologist profession.

Quickest Way To Farm Aquamarine

If you’re that keen on getting this mineral quickly, your best bet is to make your way through the Mines. Reaching floor 40 is not too hard of a task, especially with checkpoints every five floors. Playing with another person can also make things go by a lot faster. By doing so, you’ll improve your chances of finding it in both Gem Nodes and Aquamarine Nodes.

You could also farm them from the Dwarvish Sentries in Volcano Dungeon. Unfortunately, getting there requires you to fix the boat by the Fishing Shop. This only becomes possible after you’ve completed the Community Center or the Joja Warehouse.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Villagers like the gifts of Aquamarine?

Yes. Almost every single Villager likes the blue stone, with Clint, Emily, and the Dwarf loving it. The only ones who dislike it are Leah, Linus, and Pierre.

Is Aquamarine used in Community Center Bundles?

Aquamarine plays a role in completing the bundles since it’s part of two of them. The first is the Dye Bundle which is part of the Bulletin Board. It’s also an optional ingredient for the remixed version of the Treasure Hunter’s bundle in the Boiler Room.

Do any quests require Aquamarine?

Pierre may request this blue mineral as a Help Wanted quest for 540 Golf and increased friendship. If you’re breeding ocean fish in your Fish Pond, there’s a chance that they’ll ask for some Aquamarine. Lastly, the Gem Bird on Ginger Island may use it as a solution to their puzzle.