Stardew Valley Auto Grabber | How to Get

Stardew Valley Auto Grabber

In Stardew Valley players can obtain the Auto Grabber and a lot of other items as they progress through levels in certain areas. But a lot of players don’t know what this grabber does or how to get it. So if you’ve got questions, we’ve got some answers!

How to Get an Auto Grabber in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Auto Grabber | How to Get

Players can get an Auto Grabber by purchasing it from Marnie’s Ranch for 25,000 Gold. However, it will only be available for purchase after obtaining a Farming Level 10. Once you have achieved this level, you will receive a letter in the mail from Marnie letting you know you are able to obtain this.

You can have as many grabbers as you like, as long as you have the Gold to purchase them. Be warned though, once you buy it you cannot sell it. The Auto Grabber will help you when it comes to farming your cattle. It automatically harvests things from your animals like milk from cows and wool from sheep. These must be put into barns or anywhere else that holds animals as it will become useless and not work at all.

The Auto Grabber will have a new batch of items it has harvested from animals inside of it each morning. It stores up to 36 harvested items which can be can be viewed or removed by right-clicking on it.

However by using the grabber, the player will not be able to earn +5 friendship points that would normally be earned by manually milking or shearing the animal yourself. This means that it will take far much longer for your animals to reach maximum health.  So we would suggest going the manual route to build up your animal’s health some, then begin using the Auto Grabber to harvest items.

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