How to Get Pregnant and Have A Baby in Stardew Valley

Among the many features that are present in Stardew Valley, one is the adorable option to get married and start a family. What once began as a farming simulator can soon evolve into a continued legacy that started from your grandfather’s gift of his farm. To proceed with the family bloodline, your Stardew Valley player will be able to have a baby or two as part of the Farmhouse’s growth.

Stardew Valley Baby

Furthermore, you can also adopt children if your ultimate love comes from the same gender. Raising a family is easier said than done, though; there are some notes to keep in mind if you wish to have children in the Valley. In this guide, we will explain how players can get pregnant or adopt to have their very own baby.

How To Have A Baby in Stardew Valley

In order to have a baby, you must first be married. You also need to have upgraded the Farmhouse for the second time, as the second upgrade adds a nursery and an additional room. Finally, you simply need to continue playing the game until your spouse asks you if you want to have a child.

There is a 1/20 chance for this event to happen, so you may need to play for a while before you’ll be able to get pregnant and start a family. But when your spouse eventually brings up the idea, you will have the option to say either yes or no. If you choose yes, either you or your spouse will get pregnant the following day. After 14 days, the child will then appear in the nursery crib.

For same-sex couples, the wording is a little different, focusing instead on adoption. Nonetheless, it’s still the same process. Instead of asking if you want to have a baby, your spouse will ask if you want to adopt a child. If you say yes, the adoption will take place after 14 days. While waiting for your child, your spouse will inform you that the adoption paperwork has been filled out. Then, your child will show up in the middle of the night with a note stating the adoption agency has dropped off your baby.

Stardew Valley Raising Children with Spouse

Raising a Baby with Your Spouse

Your child will go through four Stages of development, all taking place throughout several weeks. In short, Stage 1 is where your child merely sleeps, allowing no interaction to occur. Stage 2 is when the little one is standing in their crib, ready for you to toss them into the air. This increases their Friendship level with you. For Stage 3, independence starts to sink in as your baby begins to crawl around the house and play with toys.

Soon after your child is either born or adopted, it can grow up to Stage 4, which is a toddler. But interestingly enough, your child will never grow past this stage. You can also have up to two kids in total: one male, and one female, where you can then increase your relationship level with them.

Expert Tip

Since Stages 1 and 2 both require 14 days to pass by, consider having your child at the start of a new season. Stage 3 needs 28 days, so it’s best to rely on the time frame of a new season in the Valley.

Moreover, your first child’s sex will be randomly generated, either male or female. If you wish to raise a second baby, their gender will automatically be set to the opposite sex. As a result of your love, the Full House achievement will be unlocked.

If you’re married to a dear love or a friend in the Valley through multiplayer, the process works a bit differently. All of the same rules apply, though the baby question will randomly be brought up one night. Both players must agree to have a baby should they choose to raise one at their Farmhouse.

How to Dismiss Your Children

If you should ever tire of your children, there is an option to get rid of them.

Children towards the latter portion of the game can be apparently dismissed by using the Dark Shrine of Selfishness found inside the Witch’s Hut. If you offer the shrine a Prismatic Shard, it will allow you to turn your children into a dove, thus making them leave your Farmhouse forever.

Be warned, though. If you intend to use the shrine, you might make things a little strange and spooky in Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley Marriage and Having Babies

This comes in the presence of either a mysterious phone call or the appearance of an Ancient Doll. Whether you’re okay with forsaking your family or not, dismissing a baby will not bring adorable results, only bitter consequences.

One noticeable aspect is the recurring aforementioned Ancient Doll. They will make a special entrance once you tune into Fall 26 on TV, where a freed Ancient Doll exits the TV screen. This is a reference to The Ring (2002), where the film’s urban legend becomes a reality by crawling out of a television set. Fighting then ensues, though the doll will then turn a bird and fly away, only to return to repeat the process within the Witch’s Hut.

So, before you start having children in Stardew Valley, consider the potential consequences at hand here. After all, a baby is a precious responsibility to have in Pelican Town.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can your babies grow up in Stardew Valley?

Your little ones will mature until they are only toddlers. They remain the way for the rest of the game, that is unless you choose to install certain mods that allow kids to get older.

What happens to your children after they’re born?

Once your babies grow into toddlers, they’ll explore the Farmhouse as you tend to your duties and quests. They can also be brought along to certain events in Stardew Valley.

What happens to your baby after you file for a divorce?

After getting a divorce, you attain full custody of your child while losing all respect and love from your former partner.