The Best Rings To Wear in Stardew Valley

Choosing your jewelry in Stardew Valley is a little bit more than choosing the most stylish option. Rings in the Valley are a crucial part of combat capability. If you want to survive the later levels of the Mines, Skull Cavern, or the Volcano Dungeon, you will benefit a lot by wearing the right accessories. So, what hand candy will let you fight your way through dungeons with ease? Let’s go over some big ones.

A trio of Stardew Valley rings. Since many of them are quite strong, finding the best of the best can be difficult.

Rings, equipped in your inventory, are combat- and mining-oriented items that populate the pool of goods in Stardew Valley. You can wear two of them at a time by sending them to the top left of your character image.

Best Rings To Wear

There are four rings that are generally considered best in the current late game of Stardew Valley. These rings are the Lucky Ring, Burglar Ring, Iridium Band, and Napalm Ring. While some of these rings are good for combat, three of them are actually based more on gathering and making the mines easier to explore.

These four Rings – the Iridium Band, Burglar's Ring, Lucky Ring, and Napalm Ring – are well-suited for lategame Stardew Valley combat.

Burglar Ring

The Burglar Ring, a gray-and-green piece of jewelry, is very important for any character looking to farm any floor of the Mines, Skull Cavern, or Volcano Dungeon. This ring improves the chance that a monster drops their loot.

When a Monster dies, the game normally rolls to see if it’ll drop it’s loot. How this item works is quite simple: the game rolls twice. This does a little less than doubling the chance that you get any monster’s given loot.

You get this item by slaying 500 Dust Sprites. The Adventurer’s Guild will be more than happy to provide once you reach this milestone.

Iridium Band

The Iridium Band had to make this list. This jewelry piece adds three items together to make its powerful effect – glowing, magnetizing materials towards you, and boosting attack damage by 10%.

This highly efficient monster of an item is, sadly, extremely late-game. You need to reach Combat Level 9 to have a realistic chance of getting it. And then, you just get the recipe! You’ll need 5 Iridium Bars, 50 Solar Essence, and 50 Void Essence to craft one.

You do have another method of snagging a Band. If you hook a Fishing Treasure Chest, you could get the Band at about a 0.12% chance. Not exactly the most consistent thing in the world, but boy is it nice to find one like this.

Lucky Ring

If you’re digging in the dirt, it pays to be lucky. The Lucky Ring very simply improves your Luck stat by +1. Luck does just about everything in Stardew Valley, from improving your chance to find geodes and treasure rooms to making it more likely to find the ladder to the next floor.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to get lucky to find this jewelry piece in the first place. The Lucky Ring is a rare drop in the Skull Cavern. These items are usually found from crates and barrels, as well as a small fraction of monsters.

Most of the time, it is very difficult to tell if the crate, barrel, or monster will have a chance to drop the lucky item instead of their normal loot pool. However, some Slime types have a yellow star, making it easier to see. You have an 8% chance to get this item from a Special container, as long as you are in the Skull Cavern or Quarry Mine.

Napalm Ring

The last item on this list does not boost your stats, but certainly is flashy. While equipped with the Napalm Ring, enemies explode when they die. This turns rooms into sweeping blasts that you can simply walk through. Thankfully, players aren’t damaged by these bombs.

You get this ring for free by killing 250 Serpents, a Skull Cavern Enemy, and reporting to the Adventurer’s Guild.

Expert Tip

You can combine rings at the Forge to add their effects together. Since you can’t combine two with the same name, combining a Napalm Ring with an Iridium Band is a great way to make a highly effective explorer’s ring. Then, you can just equip a second Iridium Band to further boost your combat damage and magnetism.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you wear two Iridium Bands in Stardew Valley?

Yes, you can! You can wear two of any of the same ring, however their effects sometimes do not stack. The Iridium Band is an exception, since its effect does stack with a second one.

What is the code for the Burglar’s Ring?

If you want to cheat a Burglar’s Ring in, you can name an animal [526].