Stardew Valley Blackberry Basket | Where to Find

Blackberry Basket

Making friends in Stardew Valley is essential to get the full experience. Because of that, you’ll even want to make friends with the homeless man that takes you home after you pass out! Linus is a pretty nice guy when you get to know him, and embraces nature in a very unique way. So, when blackberry season comes and he doesn’t have his blackberry basket, who are you to deny him his aid?

Where to Find Linus’s Blackberry Basket in Stardew Valley

Blackberry Basket

The Blackberry Basket is located to the west of the bus station, on the west side of town. Once you get to the bus stop, just follow the road to the left. The basket is a maroon color and is sitting on the side of the road. Pick up the basket and bring it right to Linus to finish the quest.

This Blackberry Basket quest comes along at about the 8th of fall, and you get it via your mailbox. Check your mailbox if you’re expecting it, and Linus will give you your adventure for the day.

The bus station is through the eastern exit of your farm, and just north from there. Usually, there will be an out-of-order bus stop that you just take a left at.

The basket looks a bit like it’s a flower pot if you’re not expecting it; it’s the same color as any kind of generic flower pot. By far the hardest part of this quest is actually finding the cursed thing; how Linus lost it that far to the west of the map, where adventurers rarely have to roam, is beyond me!

Now that you have the blackberry basket in hand, you can get your sweet reward! Unfortunately, it’s not much. Linus will give you a big hug and a friendship heart, but you won’t get any specific reward. What were you expecting? This is just a nice way to help a fellow member of your community.

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