Where to Catch Bream in Stardew Valley

Knowing the location of every single ingredient and crafting recipe in Stardew Valley is a task beyond the smartest individual. The game has such a wide array of goods for you to collect that its only natural for some to slip through the cracks. Or, should we say, swim? Bream is a fish in Stardew Valley that is useful for several specific tasks throughout the game. What can this sweet little blue fish do for you? Let’s go over all of the uses that you can find for this little creature.

Where to Catch Bream in Stardew Valley
This little river fish can be a huge headache if you don’t know where to look!

Bream Locations in Stardew Valley

Bream can be found in the river regions of Stardew Valley, particularly south of the town itself. If you head south from your farm or downward from the town of Stardew Valley, you’ll wind up in the two loading zones that contain the fish in the river water. Bream can only be caught late in the day, between 6 p.m. and 2 a.m. However, it is available to catch during any season.

This blue creature is a river fish, but that doesn’t mean that it can be caught on any point of the river. If you are having trouble catching the fish at any point in the river, try heading to the location just south of town. After 6 p.m., it is a fairly common fish in this region at the later points of the night.

It can also be found from garbage cans at any point, though extremely rarely. Like every garbage can item, you won’t be able to consistently find or farm it through this method. You’re going to be much better off getting a good fishing rod and digging it out of the river itself. Still, wouldn’t hurt to look.

You can also buy it from the Traveling Cart, for a rather expensive 135-1,000g. This is never worth it; you’re better off just fishing it out of the water instead. But, if you’re buying stuff from the traveling cart, and you just really need that extra ingredient… Well, I guess it’s your money to spend!

Bream Locations in Stardew Valley
The Bream frequents the Valley’s large river that flows from the beach.

Bream Recipes and Crafting Uses

The Bream itself isn’t used for very many recipes. The Baked Fish uses a single one, as well as a Sunfish and Wheat Flour, to make a consistently healthy food. You can also use the river fish for Maki Rolls, Quality Fertilizer, or Sashimi, though these recipes can be crafted using any type of fish.

This fish isn’t the best for crafting, honestly. Outside of its required use for the Night Fishing Bundle, it only makes a solid recipe or some fertilizer. While it is far from the hardest catch in the game (Lingcod deserves a special mention), there are plenty of other fish that are less annoying to grab. Don’t worry too much about farming this one for your fish-based needs.

How Much Does Bream Sell For?

Depending on the quality of the fish and your Skill in Fishing, a Bream can be sold for anywhere between 45g and 135g. While far from the least expensive fish – that being Anchovy – it’s still far from the best fish to farm outside of the very early game. Try to move your prospects towards the Forest Pond or the Mountain Lake to get slightly more expensive fish.

And it doesn’t exactly get better when it becomes cooked. A Baked Fish sells for slightly less than the Sunfish, Bream, and Wheat Flower combined. Maki Rolls are fairly good sale prospects, and Sashimi are also improvements over low-quality seafood.

Do Villagers Like Being Gifted Bream?

No villager likes being gifted raw Bream, and none will fall in love with you for it. In fact, of all the villagers, only Demetrius, Elliot, Leo, Linus, Pam, Sebastian, and Willy won’t dislike or hate your gift of a raw fish. To win over hearts, the Baked Fish Recipe is much more popular, as villagers except for Krobus and Leo will eat it up with a smile!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Bream Required For A Community Center Bundle?

Yes, you need one Bream for the Night Fishing Bundle. This bundle also requires a Walleye and a Night Eel. It rewards you with a Small Glow Ring upon completion.

Can You Raise Bream At Your Farm?

Technically. By placing a Bream in your Fish Pond, you can get Bream Roe, a slightly more expensive item than the basic fish itself.

Is Bream Used For Any Quests?

Yes, you will need two of them for the Fish Pond questline. In addition, you may be asked to deliver them during random item delivery quests.