How to Grow Cauliflower in Stardew Valley

When you first arrive in Stardew Valley, you’re going to start farming almost immediately. Among the game’s many starter vegetables is cauliflower, a fairly fast-growing bit of produce. But there’s more to this cruciferous crop than meets the eye.

Growing cauliflower in Stardew Valley

While it may be just a basic vegetable, cauliflower has several different uses. Whether for bulk sale or completing bundles, this veggie deserves to be a staple starter each Spring season. This guide will explain everything you need to know about how to grow and use this simple vegetable.

How to Grow Cauliflower

Cauliflower will likely be one of the first crops that you’ll try to grow. You can get the seeds from Pierre’s General Store, where they cost 80g per pack. They’re also available through JojaMart or the Magic Shop Boat — more on that below.

Once you have the seeds, head back to your farm and start tilling to clear some land. Place the seeds in the tilled soil to plant them, and then immediately water them to start growing.

It takes 12 in-game days for this crop to grow to maturity. It’s recommended that you use Speed-Gro fertilizer to reduce the time. The vegetable will reach maturity in 11 days with regular Speed-Gro, ten days with Deluxe Speed-Gro, and nine days with Hyper Speed-Gro.

The quick turnaround for this crop is good, as it stands to earn decent money when you first start selling off your produce. Base variants of the vegetable sell for 175 gold, and reach up to 350 gold for the iridium variant. That sale price increases up to 385 gold for the iridium variant when using the Tiller profession.

How to Get More Cauliflower Seeds

Pierre's General Store is your best bet to get cauliflower seeds.

While Pierre’s General Store has the lowest price for Cauliflower Seeds and is close to the farm, you can also buy them at the other shops. JojaMart sells them for 100 gold per packet, and the Traveling Merchant sells them for 120 gold (its lowest price). The Night Market, which only appears in Winter, sells them for 80 gold as well.

In terms of other sources, there’s a chance to grow this vegetable when planting Mixed Seeds found when cutting grass. But that’s not the only extra possible source: Gunther will give you some of its seeds as a reward for donating five items to the museum, the Seed Maker might give you some while processing foraged plants, and after you get access to the Skull Caverns, you’ll sometimes find them in Treasure Rooms.

What Is Cauliflower Used For?

Cauliflower is one of many crops used in Community Center bundles.

Cauliflower is what could be called a base crop since it’s relatively inexpensive, has decent sell value, and takes just a little while to grow. Its main purpose is to be sold, but that’s not to say that it doesn’t have any other uses.

Firstly, you can pickle it or ferment it to turn it into more valuable Artisan products. Pickled cauliflower sells for 400 gold, which is higher than the highest base price for the vegetable. That price increases to 560 gold with the Artisan profession.

For the Community Center, one will be required to complete the Spring Crops Bundle in the Pantry, while five gold-quality versions are needed for the remixed bundle.

It can also be used along with the sewing machine to create the Shirt and Belt. This piece of clothing can be dyed, if you like. Or, alternatively, you can use the vegetable itself to make white dye.

Expert Tip

Cauliflower is one of only three types of crops that produce giant variants. However, in order to get the giant version, the crop must be planted in at least a 3×3 grid. Just remember that giant crops will only spawn in earthy soil outdoors — never in Garden Pots or your greenhouse.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do any villagers like Cauliflower?

Cauliflower is quite popular among the Villagers, and Maru loves them. The only ones who don’t like it are Abigail, Hayley, Jas, Sam, and Vincent.

Which food recipes use Cauliflower?

It’s a key ingredient in the Cheese Cauliflower recipe but can also be eaten as-is to recover in the Mines and Caverns. You’ll get this recipe from Pam: After your relationship with her is at three hearts, keep an eye on your mailbox to receive it.

Is Cauliflower used in any quests?

For quests, Jodi will eventually ask for one as time progresses in the Spring. It may also occasionally appear as a request on the “Help Wanted” Board.