Stardew Valley Chub | How to Catch

Fishing is one of the most essential parts of Stardew Valley, and knowing where to catch fish is critical. Whether you’re collecting the fellas or selling them, getting a good read on what fish to catch will be important. The chub of Stardew Valley is notable for its role in the Field Research Bundle. So, finding it is critical for game completion! If you’re having trouble finding it, then we can help you find it!

How to Catch a Chub in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Chub

The Chub is found in the Mountain Lake or Cindersap Forest River of Stardew Valley. There is a chance to catch it at any time, during any season, as long as you are fishing in either the Mountain Lake or the Cindersap forest. You may also purchase it at Krobus’ shop for 200g or at the Traveling Cart for between 150 and 1000 gold.

Chubs are found at the top right of the base Stardew Valley map, or the bottom right. Nobody likes receiving a chub as a gift. In fact, almost every character in the game will think less of you if you try to give them this little fish. Poor guy!

A Chub is required for the Field Research Bundle. Thankfully, you only need one of these to complete the bundle.

You can use a Chub for Maki Rolls, Quality Fertilizer, or Sashimi. Maki Rolls and Sashimi are both reasonable food options, though not necessarily fantastic.

You can use these guys in a Sewing Machine to create the Fishing Vest. The vest is purely cosmetic, so this is not really a requirement for anything.

Chubs also can be placed in the Fish Pond to produce Roe… Though this is exceptionally low quality. You’d prefer to farm more expensive fish.

Finally, you may need up to 4 chubs from Willy to complete the Help Wanted board mini-quest. You get 50 gold per Chub, which is a nice boost to it’s relatively low cost. Otherwise, you may need 2 Chubs to increase the Fish Pond’s size from 3 to 5. A minor boost, but if the Chub is the reason you need to increase its size, then you should get it!