Stardew Valley Clay | How to Get

When it comes to formulating and establishing your farm in Stardew Valley, strong materials are in order. You need to maintain your crops and good in order to have a working piece of land, and clay is one resource you should look into. With clay, new materials for crafting and construction are unlocked for building possibilities, and it’s one that we recommend. To make clay, you need only a few materials: here’s how you can make some.

How to Get Clay in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley How to get Clay

Clay is usually found by digging up dirt, sand, or Artifact Spots. These are the main spots that players should look out for, but there are more on the radar. One other promising route is to venture to Ginger Island in the Fern Islands vicinity. There, you will see some Clay nodes at the Ginger Island Dig Site, but that’s more useful if you do happen to be in the area. Geodes can also produce these, but that’s if you’re keen on a chance than being guaranteed.

If you’re wondering why this resource is essential for Stardew Valley farmers, look no further. Clay is an imperative resource that’s used for crafting a silo, garden pot, and bone mill. A silo can hold cut grass that can be fed to the animals, making it one important structure to have on-site. The garden pot will help in the growth of crops, both in and outdoors. And then the bone mill in the mix. This ultimate resource transforms items into fertilizers that the player can use in their efforts.

Many of Pelican Town’s villagers will appreciate a gift of Clay from time to time, by the way. We all know that they expect a certain of gifts and resources where they show love for it, but Clay is one you’ll need to be careful with. Abigail, Evelyn, Jas, Sebastian, and Vincent are among the NPCs that won’t fancy Clay as a gift. But for the majority of villagers, you’ll be in the clear. Just be wary of the folk that won’t appreciate a gift by any means.

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