Stardew Valley Creator Is Working On A Cookbook

Stardew Valley is what you might call a phenomenon considering all that surrounds it, especially since most of the work was done by one person. This person, operating under the developer name of ConcernedApe, has continued to expand and update his farm life since its release. However, he’s now working on bringing one part of the game into the real world. Cooking is a notable mechanic in Stardew Valley with a lot of recipes to learn and cook. ConcernedApe wants to teach these recipes for real as he works on a cookbook based on in-game dishes.

The Stardew Valley Cookbook

The main appeal of Stardew Valley is that it can appeal to almost anybody. There are many ways to spend your time in the game like farming, adventuring, fishing, and of course, cooking.

As mentioned by GameSpot, the game’s developer is currently working on writing and publishing a cookbook based on the game’s cooking recipes. There are over 80 dishes in the game, providing a selection of recipes to master covering all food groups and catering to every sort of diet. Considering some of the recipes, chefs of all levels will be able to appreciate what this cookbook is poised to offer.

The book itself is centered around the many in-game recipes. Over 50 of them will be listed, including options for the Strange Bun and Survival Burger. It’s slated to release in April of 2024, and you can preorder both Kindle and traditional hardcover versions over on Amazon.

Despite the fact that Stardew Valley starts you off on an empty farm where you’re encouraged to grow your own food, cooking is not available in the beginning. To unlock this mechanic, you need to earn enough money and gather enough resources to visit Robin and have you construct a Kitchen in your main house. Once that’s done, you need to have a recipe to follow, which you can gain in one of three ways: Watching The Queen of Sauce TV channel, getting them from Villagers you’ve befriended, or earning them by leveling up your skills. Dishes provide helpful restoration and bonuses if you use them yourself, but make even better gifts for Villagers or you could sell them.

Cooking is almost as common a mechanic in video games as fishing, and Stardew Valley gives it a fair amount of attention. The creator himself is giving it extra attention as he starts work on an official Stardew Valley Cookbook.