How to Get Diamond in Stardew Valley

As you play through Stardew Valley, you’ll learn that there’s more to the land than just farming and hanging out with the locals. When it comes to collecting gems like Diamonds, you’ll have to go out for a bit of adventuring.

The main place you’ll do said adventuring is the Mines, which has a large number of randomized floors filled with monsters, materials, and minerals to find. In fact, there are certain items that have a higher chance to spawn there than anywhere else. As you may suspect, one of them is the Diamond, a bright and beautiful gemstone that is definitely worth the effort to find. This guide will explain everything from where to find and how to farm these precious gemstones.

Where to Find Diamond

Diamonds are most commonly be found in the lower Mine levels. There’s a very small chance to get one from mining a Gem Geode that has chances to spawn on any floor you visit. However, it makes more sense to look for Diamond Geodes to mine, though you’ll need to make it past floor 50 before you have a chance to encounter them.

In terms of enemy drops, Dwarvish Sentries, Duggies, and Wilderness Golems (very rarely though), can drop these gems. They can also be dropped by slimes of the red, purple, copper, or iron varieties. If you’re inclined toward combat in Stardew Valley, chances are good you’ll earn one as a random drop eventually.

In the overworld, you’ll have a chance to find these precious gems in Garbage Cans provided you made it to the bottom floor of the Mines. You can also get them from water sources through either fishing up Treasure Chests or Panning. On your own farm, you can build a Fish Pond and fill it with either Ice Pip or Stonefish for a chance to get one, but only once the population grows to nine.

Best Way To Farm Diamond

Even though there are multiple ways to get these gems, there’s no guarantee that you’ll always get them via any method. The best way to farm them is by looking for Geodes in the mines, focusing on Diamond Geodes.

Thankfully, there is a way to boost your chances based on a Lost Book called “A Study on Diamond Yields”. It states that the chance to encounter these Geodes increases with each floor past 50. Exploring the lowest floors while targeting monsters is one of the fastest and cheapest ways to farm these gem stones.

What To Do With Diamond

Although it may seem obvious, the best thing to do with a Diamond is sell it. Each one has a base value of 750 Gold, increased to 974 Gold with the Gemologist Profession. You can also forge them to give a randomized upgrade to one of your melee weapons. By using it in the Sewing Machine, you can create a bright-colored Pendant Shirt.

For some reason, the Trader in the Calico Desert area will give you a Triple Shot Espresso for one, which could be considered a ripoff considering how easy it is to get that drink in other ways.

For recipes, this gem is a key ingredient in some fairly valuable pieces. It can be used to create the equipment Ring of Yoba (Recipe received from getting to Combat Level 7), which can sometimes block damage. It’s needed to build a Geode Crusher (recipe received by completing a Special Order for Clint the Blacksmith known as “Cave Patrol”) which crushes Geodes in exchange for Coal. It also can be used to make the item Fairy Dust (recipe receive by completing “The Pirate’s Wife” Quest) which instantaneously causes machines to finish their processes instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Villagers like gifts of Diamond?

Diamond is one of the most popular gifts that you can give to Villagers. Everybody likes them and those who don’t, love them. These Villagers who will appreciate them the most are Evelyn, Gus, Jodi, Krobus, Marnie, Maru, Penny, and Willy.

Is Diamond used in Community Center Bundles?

It’s an optional component of the Remixed Treasure Hunter’s Bundle in the Boiler Room. However, since Diamonds are so valuable, it’s best to complete the Bundle with other gemstones.

Is Diamond required for any quests?

Throughout the year (after passing floor 40 in the Mines) the Bulletin Board has a chance to ask for a Diamond, which will yield a reward of 2,250 Gold and boosted friendship. It can also be requested by the Fish Pond sometimes.