Stardew Valley Dinosaur Egg | Where to find, how to get

Stardew Valley Dinosaur Egg

As a Stardew Valley player, odds are you know what eggs are and might be producing them already. If you’ve been looking to adding a Stardew Valley dinosaur egg into the mix, then you’ve come to the right place. Here is everything you need to know about where to find and how to get dinosaur eggs in Stardew Valley.

Where to Find Dinosaur Eggs in Stardew Valley

Primarily, a dinosaur egg is an artifact that should be given to Gunther for his artifact museum. Dinosaur eggs can be found or hatched in incubators and are capable of producing more dinosaurs. This process will, in turn, create a cycle of endless prehistoric eggs.

To get your first dinosaur egg in Stardew Valley, players will have a couple of different options. We have listed out each option below for a quick overview of where you can find the dino eggs:

  • Search artifact spots
  • Prehistoric levels in Skull Cavern
  • Fishing

For starters, you can search through every artifact spot throughout the map to find dinosaur eggs in Stardew Valley. Some of the best places to look are near Pelican Town around houses, hilltops, or inside the mountain and quarry.

Stardew Valley Dinosaur Egg

You’ll know when you’re near an egg, as these spots have worms coming out of the ground. Once you’ve spotted the dinosaur egg location, you’ll have to dig up the ground with your hoe to obtain it.

These precious eggs can also be foraged on prehistoric levels in the Skull Cavern. Further, they can be dropped from a Pepper Rex (enemy from the prehistoric levels) or won in the Crane Game in the Movie Theater.

The final, and most challenging way to get a dinosaur egg, however, is to test your skills and luck by catching one in a treasure chest while fishing.

To achieve your goal of reeling in a prehistoric treasure, you’ll have to build up the progress bar on the right side of the screen until its almost full. Then, you should quickly align the reeling bar to exactly where the chest is located. Once the chest is fully subdued, you should quickly go back to the fish to capture both the chest and the fish.

It’s also worth noting that you have to reel in both the fish and the chest together, as getting the chest alone will not enable you to get the dinosaur egg. But once you get both and have obtained the egg, you’re all set to hatch some dinos or even make dino mayonnaise.

Now that you know all about Stardew Valley dinosaur eggs, get out there and begin the hunt!

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