Stardew Valley Earthquake | How to get to the Railroad?

Stardew Valley Earthquake

If you’ve been playing Stardew Valley for a while now, you might have experienced an earthquake. While it might seem irrelevant at first, this is actually a big deal and opens up a new area for you to explore — the Railroad and Spa. Here is everything you need to know about the Stardew Valley earthquake and how to get to the Railroad and Spa.

Stardew Valley Earthquake | What does it do?

Stardew Valley Earthquake
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Players will experience an earthquake during the third summer of their first year in the game. It will happen randomly overnight and might destroy some of your crops in the process — however, it’ll also open up new areas to explore.

In Stardew Valley, an earthquake opens up the Railroad and Spa locations. You won’t be able to visit either of these areas prior to an earthquake, nor will you be able to avoid an earthquake. It’s simply something that will eventually happen as you naturally progress through the game. However, after the first earthquake, you won’t experience another one.

Stardew Valley Earthquake | How to get to the Railroad

Stardew Valley Earthquake
[Image Credit: StardewValleyWiki]
Stardew Valley earthquake will open up a path that leads to a Railroad and Spa area, but the game doesn’t really tell you that — nor does it tell you how to get there. This can be confusing, so we are here to clear it up.

The earthquake will remove the rocks blocking the path along the northern edge of the map. Despite what it might look like, players won’t be able to take a train ride anywhere, but instead will be able to collect materials that are dropped by the passing cars.

Train cars will drop things like stone, coal, iron ore, wood, and geodes every time a train comes through town. While you will receive a notification when a train is passing through, you don’t need to be present to pick up the items. Simply visit the train tracks sometime after the train has gone by, and you’ll be able to pick up whatever items were dropped.

Stardew Valley Earthquake | How to get to the Spa?

The earthquake will also clear a path to the spa, which will allow players to quickly restore energy and health. You can visit the spa in Stardew Valley by going west at the tracks. You should come across the spa on your left as you work your way down the tracks.

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