How To Get Emerald in Stardew Valley

In a game that pushes farming and fishing on you, you wouldn’t think there would be much room to spend your time seeking Emerald in Stardew Valley. However, aside from the Mines, which are filled with countless floors of minerals and danger, you’ve also got the Skull Caverns and rocks around the overworld to mine goodies as well.

How To Get Emerald in Stardew Valley

Of course, just like in real life, you aren’t going to come across gems as easily as you would coal or metals. Still, there are sparkling green gemstones waiting to be found, and there are things you can do to help improve your chances of finding them. This guide will explain where to find these precious gems, and the fastest way to farm them.

Emerald Locations in Stardew Valley

Where to find Emerald in Stardew Valley

Since Emeralds are relatively rare, they’re not easy to encounter. However, there are multiple sources where you can seek them out. The best place to go is the Mines and start breaking down Gem Geodes for a small chance for the gem to drop.

There are of course Emerald Nodes, which are distinctive from the clear green color, but these are pretty rare. They have a chance to appear on floors once you’ve made it past the 80th one, and once you reach the very bottom, they have a chance to spawn on any floor. In terms of enemy drops, only the Dwarvish Sentry has them so they’re worth taking down when encountered.

In the overworld (and certain parts of the Mines), there’s a chance to get these gems from water sources. While fishing, you can aim to catch Treasure Chests and there’s a chance one of these gems will be inside. Another effect of reaching the bottom of the Mines is that Emeralds will have a chance to Spawn in Garbage Cans around the town. You can also use Panning as well but you need to be patient and consistent. Lastly, you may receive one as a gift during the Feast of the Winter Star event.

What is Emerald Used For?

You can often find Emerald in the Mines

Among the many different gemstones you can get, these green gemstones don’t have a lot of usefulness. They’re not an ingredient for any kind of recipes, but they can be effective in forging. Using an Emerald in the Forge with a weapon will improve its attack speed.

If you were to use it in the Sewing Machine, you’d end up with an Emerald Green overshirt with a yellow undershirt, while also serving as a way to make green dye. Its main value is as a product that you can sell since it has a base value of 250 Gold which can be boosted with the Gemologist Profession to 325 Gold. You can also trade one to the Trader in Calico Desert in exchange for Cheese which is a terrible deal considering that you can quickly get Cows and Goats up and running in order to make as much Cheese as you want.

Quickest Way To Farm Emerald

You'll first need to repair Willy's boat in order to farm Emerald on Ginger Island

The highest chance to get an Emerald is by farming them from Dwarvish Sentries, which have a 1 in 10 chance to drop one upon defeat. The tricky thing is that Dwarvish Sentries only spawn in the Volcano Dungeon, which is in a different location called Ginger Island. To reach it, you need to repair Willy’s Boat at the Fishing Shop.

Unfortunately, this requires you to either complete the Community Center Bundles or the Joja Warehouse before you can access it and submit the proper materials. After you do, you can buy a ticket to the island for 1,000 Gold, then clear a path to Volcano Dungeon in the North by using a Watering Can.

Aside from doing this, the fastest way to farm these gems is to reach past floor 80 in the Mines in order to cause more Emerald Nodes to spawn. It’ll also cause them to potentially spawn in Garbage Cans, which you can check in town every day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Villagers like Emerald?

Emerald is decently popular among Villagers with most liking them and few loving them, specifically Clint, Emily, Penny, and the Dwarf. The few who don’t like them are Leah, Linus, and Pierre.

Is Emerald used for Community Center Bundles?

The Emerald is an optional part of the Remixed Treasure Hunter’s Bundle in the Boiler Room and is one of the lower-value components you can put in.

Do you need Emerald for any quests?

Yes, several. These gems have a chance to appear as a “Help Wanted” request for a reward of 750 Gold and increased Friendship. Second, Emily will ask for one to finish her “Rock Rejuvenation” task. Third, Octopus, Rainbow Trout, Spook Fish, or Super Cucumber will ask for two to boost their Fish Pond population. Finally, there’s a puzzle involving pedestals on Ginger Island that may require an Emerald.