Stardew Valley | Explosion Was Heard In The Night Meaning

Stardew Valley comes with a few surprises that come in the form of random farm events and personal moments. These can range from the Crop Fairy and the Witch to farm births and wild animal attacks. But one of the more bizarre events that can happen in the game is when “An explosion was heard in the night.”This random event has a very slim chance of occurring, but it’s a cool overnight phenomenon that’s well worth your time.

What “An Explosion Was Heard In The Night” Means

Stardew Valley What An Explosion Was Heard In The Night Means

“An explosion was heard in the night” means that a meteorite is approaching your farm, and it will land the next day. The meteorite will look for a 3×3 space to crash land, but it could also search for an available 2×2 space if there is no water, stationed objects that block pathways, buildings, resource clumps, or animal farms within its vicinity. Otherwise, the event will not trigger.

If this event occurred for you, consider yourself to be a lucky farmer, depending on where the meteorite lands. It has a 1% chance of it actually happening. If it does, it could either favor you or bring a small disadvantage to your farm. It can land almost anywhere on your land, which might put some of your crops in jeopardy by obliterating them. Depending on how critical your plants are, this might be something to be aware of. Either way, if you use a Gold Pickaxe or something better to mine it, you’ll receive 6 Iridium Ore, 6 Stone, and 2 Geodes. A nice little gift from a small chance of something fantastic happening.

To look for the meteorite, search for a purple rock with purple-pink crystals poking out of its surface. Try keeping an eye out for any destroyed land if you’re having trouble locating the meteorite. It won’t go away anytime soon; it’s a heavy rock that refuses to move, so no need to worry about it despawning. In the meantime, you might want to start replanting some of your crops due to the sudden appearance of the thing from space.

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