How to Catch Flounder in Stardew Valley

There are many ways to make a living in Stardew Valley, and one of the most popular is fishing for creatures like Flounder. There are multiple bodies of water that you’ll have easy access to, and you’ll get a fishing rod quite early on.

How to Catch Flounder in Stardew Valley

However, many would argue that the fishing mini-game may be one of the most difficult in the history of video games. It can be frustrating, however it can also be quite rewarding when you actually manage to catch something. Among all the fish you can catch, the useful Flounder is just out there waiting for you. This guide will explain how and where to catch this fish, as well as what you can use it for.

Flounder Locations in Stardew Valley

Flounder are saltwater fish, meaning you can catch them in the docks south of town.

Flounder is not too rare of a fish, but there are some things to consider in order to catch one. It’s a seawater fish, so you can fish for them on the Pelican Town Docks and on the beaches of Ginger Island. You can also fish from your farm if you chose the Beach farm type.

It should be noted that Flounder are climate sensitive, so you’ll only be able to catch them in either the Spring or Summer seasons. You can catch them with or without bait, but Magical Bait gives you the chance to catch them any time you want.

There’s also a chance for it to spawn in the Traveling Cart’s inventory for the price of 300 to 1,000 Gold, but don’t be tempted to pay that high a price. After all, that’s much too expensive considering the fish has a base value of just 100 Gold.

Flounder Recipes and Crafting Uses

Flounder can be used both in cooking and in crafting.

This fish is a fairly useful ingredient, as both food and farming recipes make use of it. Primarily, you can use it as the fish component for Quality Fertilizer, which increases the chance of crops growing into high-quality crops.

As a general food ingredient, it can be used in Maki Rolls and Sashimi. The former is a pretty useful healing item for adventuring, restoring a nice chunk of health and stamina while the latter is quick to make while also having decent restoration stats.

Flounder is a unique ingredient in the Seafoam Pudding recipe, which is not only highly restorative but also provides a strong fishing bonus.

Other Uses For Flounder

Although common, these fish can be used for multiple purposes.

If you want to add Flounder to your production, you can add them to your Fish Pond to start breeding them. When you put them in the pond, their population will grow every three days that pass. As their population grows, they’ll produce Roe, which can be turned into Aged Roe with a base value of 160 Gold. However, you should only use the low-quality variety for the Fish Pond. That’s because high-quality version of this fish is worth 300 Gold under the right circumstances.

In order to increase their population, you’ll need to provide Driftwood, Frozen Geodes, Seaweed, Clams, Coral, Aquamarine, Mussels, and Sea Urchins as requested, which are all fairly easy to find.

You can also add it to the dye pots in order to create the orange dye. You can also use it yourself to restore health and stamina while working or adventuring, but it’s not very effective and so is best saved for cooking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Flounder worth?

A standard Flounder is worth 100 Gold, but can be worth up to 300 Gold if it’s the highest quality and you have the Angler perk.

Do Villagers like being gifted Flounder?

In terms of fish, Flounder isn’t very popular. The only villager who likes it is Sebastian while Demetrius, Elliott, Leo, Linus, Pam, and Willy are indifferent to it. Every other villager dislikes it, while Evelyn, Haley, and Pierre all hate it.

Is Flounder used in any quests?

In addition to the breeding quests, there are two other quest scenarios involving them. Once you get access to the Special Order bulletin board, keep an eye out for the “Aquatic Overpopulation” quest. Demetrius will ask you for 10 Flounder during the Spring season. There’s also a chance it will appear as a requested item on the standard bulletin board. Fulfilling the request will net you a nice 300 Gold and an improved friendship with the requester.