Stardew Valley Forest Farm | Is It the Best Farm?

The success of Stardew Valley success can be chalked up to its gameplay — most importantly, its farming. With the game now one of indie gaming’s classics, it’s no surprise either. However, with a game having so much popularity, players have devised strategies to optimize their in-game life. For one, finding the pros, and cons of some of the farm layouts. One of them is the Forest Farm. It clearly has loads of trees, but does that mean it’s worth your time to develop? What exactly is the Forest Farm best for?

Is the Forest Farm Best in Stardew Valley?

Is the Forest Farm Best in Stardew Valley?

The Forest Farm is the best choice if you’re someone who likes to spend their time foraging. It’s also full of trees, making it a smart bet for the Forester profession. However, that doesn’t mean it’s the ideal choice for all setups. The different farm types in Stardew Valley are meant for different professions and focuses. The Forest Farm is best for those seeking out foreagable items and hardwood.

Still, that’s not to say it’s the one you should choose. To properly answer that question, it’s best to consider what kind of focus you want to have in your playthrough. If you’re someone who wants to have a neatly organized farm for you and your friends, then you’d want to use the Four Corners Farm. If you’re someone who wants to just focus on growing crops, then, you’d want the Standard Farm. If you’re someone who likes to fish, then the Riverland or Beach Farm is the one for you.

There are still some highlights to consider, though. All considered, the Forest Farm has a lot to offer. Notably, it has a large pond in which you’ll be able to fish for pond fish, trash, and wood skips. Just remember that this farm has the least amount of tillable tiles in the game, even compared to the Beach or Riverland Farm. Granted, sprinklers don’t work on the Beach Farm.

All things considered, the best farm in the game is completely up to player choice. It all depends on the kind of play style you want to focus on. If you like foraging for items and building with hardwood, the Forest Farm is the best choice for you.