Stardew Valley Frog Quest | How to Complete

Stardew Valley has a lot of meat to it. Not only is it a farming game, but it’s also a fishing, mining, socialization, and interior decorating game. Able to stand up to the likes of its contemporaries, Stardew Valley shows players that it’s more than capable of being one of the most inventive social sims indie gaming has made. Plus, it’s full of quests, like the Frog Quest. Here’s how to get it started and see this adventure through to the end.

How to Complete the Ginger Island Frog Quest

How to Complete the Ginger Island Frog Quest in Stardew Valley

The Frog Quest is a quest found when you make it to Ginger Island. This can only be done after first Completing the Community center, and then fixing the boat behind Willy’s Fish Shop.

Once you make it to Ginger island, you’ll have to repair the sleeping hut in Ginger island. Once the hut is repaired, a cave will open up on the upper right-hand corner of the map. Head inside, and you’ll be able to talk to Gourmand Frog. The frog will lament that he hasn’t seen crops grow on the island in a long time. Although, he won’t remember the names of the crops. He’ll give you a description of them, and then ask you to plant them for him.

The key is to use the descriptions to plant the crops he’s asking for. When the frog says “da pink thing… da juicy thing.” He’s talking about planting a melon. When Gourmand Frog says “da Longo yellow ticklin’ thing… da thing dat be wavin’ in the wind,” he’s talking about planting wheat. Lastly, he’ll say “da zesty gound-fruit, but make a breath stink” when he’s asking for Garlic.

To complete the Frog Quest, you’ll have to plant these crops until harvest on the island farm. But, don’t harvest them; he wants to see them grow, not eat them. He won’t ask for the other crops until you fulfill the one he’s asked for. So you’ll have to talk to him once per crop planted.

Once you complete his requests, he’ll give you five Golden Walnuts per crop. That means you can get 15 in total, which can then be used to upgrade the island or make your way into Mr. Qui’s hideout.

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