Stardew Valley | Give the Sand Dragon His Last Meal Quest

Over the years, Stardew Valley expanded in ways nobody could’ve guessed. As part of the newer updates, late-game content was added. Some of this content involved the mysterious Mr. Qi and his many strange quests. One cryptic request he makes of you is to give the sand dragon his last meal. We’ll tell you what he means and how to complete this quest.

How to Give the Sand Dragon His Last Meal

How to Give the Sand Dragon His Last Meal

This guide is written under the assumption that you’ve already fulfilled the requirements for reaching Calico Desert. As a result, this we’ll focus on what’s needed to be done in order to complete this specific quest.

Within the Bus Tunnel, there is a lockbox. If you put a battery in there, it will give you a note asking you to put a Rainbow Shell in the Train Platform Box. You can find a Rainbow Shell while foraging on the Beach. Placing this item in the Train Platform Box will give you another note tasking you with filling Mayor Lewis’ refrigerator with 10 Beets. Hopefully you have planted and harvested some. If not, then you will need to buy seeds from Sandy at the Oasis. They only grow in the Fall, however.

After doing this, you’ll run into the third portion of The Mysterious Qi quests, which is to “feed the sand dragon his last meal”. In the southwest portion of Calico Desert, there is a large dragon skeleton. You will need to walk up to the skull and use a Solar Essence to “feed” it to the skull. At this point, it is likely you have plenty of Solar Essences from defeating Ghosts within the mine. Upon finishing this, you’ll get a final note telling you to check the woodpile at your house. This will reward you with a Club Card and give you access to Sandy’s back room in her shop.

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