How to Get Green Beans in Stardew Valley

Getting to know the many different crops of Stardew Valley is both critical and tedious. The dozen bundles in the farming sector of the game need a wide variety of goods that aren’t just shoveled into your tilled land. The Green Bean from Stardew Valley is both difficult to find and non-obvious compared to most crops, starting from a different type of seed. If you want to grow this delicious vegetable for yourself, we can help!

This little green bean can be a decent seller, but makes for an even better food source!

How to Grow Green Beans

In order to start growing Green Beans, you will need to first locate Bean Starter. Bean Starter is most usually purchased from Pierre’s Store or JojaMart during the Spring, but can be found in a variety of locations. Once it begins growing, it will produce multiple beans during its maturity cycle throughout the Spring.

The Green Bean is purchased from the “Bean Starter” item, which sounds a bit weird. Most plants name their harvested item right from the seed! Don’t worry, though. The Bean Starter always produces the green vegetable, making it a handy crop in the Spring.

These crops can only grow during the Spring. During any other seasons, they will simply die. Like most other vegetable crops, you will need to grow them using tilled and watered soil, and can use fertilizer on them if you wish.

When planting the Bean Starter, you’ll see a vine start to grow up the trellis. It takes ten days for the plant to reach Maturity. Afterwards, it’ll produce a bean every three days. Speed-Gro or the Agriculturalist Profession only affect the first ten days of growth to maturity.

The 10 days between sprout and green bean stalk is one heck of a transformation!

If grown starting from the beginning of Spring, you will expect an output of six Beans per season. With a Growth Enhancement ratio of at least 20%, the output becomes seven, and eight with 35% Growth Enhancement. That makes Agriculturalist and Deluxe Speed-Gro your best combination for efficient Beans.

Crafting and Recipes

Green Beans are not used to craft anything in particular. They are used for the single food recipe, called the Bean Hotpot. This recipe can be obtained by reaching seven hearts with Clint. You’ll find the recipe in the mail after reaching this milestone.

The Bean Hotpot, for being one of the few reasons to consider growing Green Beans in the first place, is a really good food recipe. It not only restores 125 Energy and 56 Health, but provides a +30 boost to your Energy and a large Magnetism bonus. And all of this is for the relatively low price of two Green Beans!

However, before you can access this easy recipe, you’ll need to befriend Clint. Clint adores all gemstones and many minerals, making him a relatively simple farm, at least as long as you get to the lower levels of the Mine.

Other Uses for Green Beans

Green Beans are used in a few Spring bundles for the Community Center. They are also useful as catch-all gifts for Villagers in the town. You can throw them in the Sewing Machine to make a generic shirt and belt, or can be used for Green Dye.

Selling Green Beans turns a small profit. Each bean is 40g, without any Quality or Tiller bonus. The Bean Hotpot item sells for 100g, so cooking two normal-quality beans will be better for you in the long run.

Be sure to have a bean ready for the Spring Crops Bundle in the pantry. It’s required unless you have the Remixed Bundle ruleset enabled. Even then, it’s an 80% chance to be needed for that bundle.

The shirt and belt combo doesn’t look bad and can be dyed, making it a fine cosmetic. It only costs 40g too, so not bad compared to many other customizable items in the game. Looking at you, Bridal Veil!

Expert Tip

Green Beans can be turned into Juice or Pickles at the Keg or Preserve Jar, respectively. Bean Juice isn’t worth as much as the Pickles, and the Pickles are made much faster. We suggest going for the Pickled Beans if you want to turn a massive profit on a low-quality Bean.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I harvest my Green Beans?

Green beans need an adjacent tile to be open for harvesting purposes. Be sure to plant in rows to allow for open harvesting. Otherwise, your plant might be in the three-day waiting period between harvests or they might be in the wrong season, as they can only be harvested or grown in the Spring.

Are Green Beans used in any quests?

Green Beans are only used in the randomized “Help Wanted” quest. No matter what quality your Green Bean is, this Help Wanted will provide a massive profit and a boost in friendship.

Do villagers dislike Green Beans?

Only Abigail, Haley, Jas, Sam, and Vincent dislike Green Beans. All of the other locals like the vegetable. Bean Hotpots are liked by everyone except Krobus, Leo, and Willy, with Demetrius loving the cooked good.