Stardew Valley Greenhouse | How to Build the Perfect Greenhouse

Stardew Valley Greenhouse

Ever since you first walked out the front door of your grandfather’s farmhouse to start your new life in Stardew Valley, you’ve probably wondered what to make of the dilapidated Greenhouse on your property. Or, perhaps you’ve got it all spruced up and back into fighting shape, but you can’t puzzle out what to grow and how to grow it. Fear not, farmers; today, we’re going to show you how to build the perfect Greenhouse to suit your needs.

How to Get A Greenhouse

Your farm will be equipped with a Greenhouse the moment you start your game, but it will take time to repair it before you can put it to use. Patience will be a virtue in this effort, as it will likely take the better part of one in-game year to do so.

How to Fix a Greenhouse

Fixing the Greenhouse can be achieved by completing the Pantry bundles in the Community Center by gathering various crops and animal products. Alternatively, it can be repaired by purchasing a Joja Community Development Project for 35,000g. If you choose the community center route, you’ll want to start building coops and barns early in your playthrough in order to save up to acquire more difficult animals like ducks and sheep in order to gather the products they produce.

You’ll also want to save gold star parsnips, melons, corn, or pumpkins any time you find them; you’ll need five of each of three of these choices to complete the Quality Crops bundle in the pantry. Either method will make the Greenhouse usable once again, and you can begin to plan what crops you’d like to grow inside it.

What Does a Greenhouse Do?

The purpose of a Greenhouse is virtually identical to its use in the real world; in-game, it can be used to grow any crops you’d like outside the constraints of seasonal requirements. This includes all crops sold at Pierre’s store, but also includes elusive crops such as Ancient Fruit (the seeds for which are acquired after digging up an Ancient Seed and donating it to the museum, or occasionally from Seed Makers), Sweet Gem Berries (acquired from the Traveling Cart), or any crops exclusive to Ginger Island.

Of course, building your perfect Greenhouse requires some planning. Here’s how to make the most of the space you have available.

How to Set Up Sprinklers in a Greenhouse

With all the land you have to worry about on your farm, the last thing you need is more watering to use up your daily energy. Sprinklers will be your best friend while planning your Greenhouse. But what type of sprinklers to use, and where to place them for maximum efficiency?

If you’re conserving your iridium bars, you may want to choose the layout shown below.

Stardew Valley Greenhouse

This layout makes use of the wooden planks around the edges of the plot in order to preserve space for plenty of crops to grow. It uses exclusively Quality Sprinklers, which are crafted with one Gold Bar, one Iron Bar, and one bar of Refined Quartz. While not the most efficient use of space, it will tide you over while you save up some iridium to craft Iridium Sprinklers and transition to the following layout, if you so choose:

Stardew Valley Greenhouse

This layout also makes use of the wooden planks and uses a combination of Iridium Sprinklers and Quality Sprinklers. This layout uses only four crop spaces; this will allow you to plant a ton more crops, using eight fewer spaces than the previous layout. Pressure Nozzles acquired from Mr. Qi will allow these Iridium Sprinklers to have an even farther reach, allowing you to downsize further. These are acquired rather late in the game, however, by which point you’ll be rolling in so much cash you’ll have no need for your Greenhouse. The only question now is…

What to Grow in a Greenhouse?

This is a decision that can truly be tailored to your play style. The layout pictured below is an example of a Greenhouse that is built for pure profit; blueberries, cranberries, and strawberries provide high-profit margins. Multiple Ancient Fruit plants allow for multiple berries to be fed through Seed Makers to create new plants that can then be turned into wine, aged, and sold for exorbitant prices, selling for a maximum of 4,620 Gold (iridium quality with Artisan profession.)

Stardew Valley Greenhouse

Your Greenhouse can be used to grow out-of-season plants for bundles, growing cooking ingredients, or basically whatever you choose. The big advantage of Greenhouses is the ability to harvest fruit from fruit trees during any season. This brings us to…

How to Plant Trees in a Greenhouse

Trees can be a wise way to use your available Greenhouse space; as pictured above, you can grow them along the edges of the Greenhouse, even where soil is not present. To plant them, simply do so as you would do on your own farm. These trees can be fertilized by crafting Tree Fertilizer after unlocking the crafting recipe at Foraging Level 7. Be mindful of how you plant; as on your farm, your fruit trees can only be removed by cutting them down with your Axe.

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