Stardew Valley Hardwood | Where to get and what it is used for

Stardew Valley Hardwood

There are several extremely important resources that Stardew Valley players need to find. Arguably one of the most important resources is hardwood, which has loads of uses, including the ability to build totems (for fast travel), upgrade your farm, build a stable, and more. Here’s everything you need to know about Stardew Valley hardwood, including where to get some and what it is used for.

Stardew Valley Hardwood | Where to get

Stardew Valley Hardwood

First up, you need to know where to get Stardew Valley hardwood. Hardwood can, on rare occasions, drop from barrels and boxes in the mines, and Robin can give you 25 during the Feast of the Winter Star.

Further, normal trees do have a chance of dropping hardwood IF you have the Lumberjack Profession. However, these options pale in comparison to where you can get hardwood each day with little hassle.

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If you want to know exactly where to get Stardew Valley hardwood, then the best place is, without a doubt, the Secret Forest. After making your way to the Secret Forest, you will need to chop large stumps (with a copper ax or better) and old logs (with a steel ax or better). The large stumps give you two hardwood, while an old log gives you eight of this valuable resource.

Stardew Valley Hardwood | What it is used for

Hardwood sells for 22g, but that’s definitely not what you want to use it for. Instead, what hardwood is used for in Stardew Valley includes crafting a variety of very important structures and items. Check out a list of what hardwood is used for below:

  • Tailoring a specific shirt with the sewing machine
  • Construction bundle in the crafts room (10 required)
  • Several fish pond quests
  • The Robin’s Request quest (10 required)
  • The Stable, allowing you to ride and keep a horse (100 required)
  • Farmhouse Upgrade 2, which among other things allows you to have children (150 required)
  • Fast Travel Totems (one required) 
  • Rain Totems (Increase the chances of rain the next day – one required) 

Additionally, keep in mind that as of the massive 1.4 update, the Forester profession no longer increases the sale price of the hardwood, but you probably won’t want to sell it anyway unless you’ve exhausted all its uses.

So there you have it, everything you need to know about Stardew Valley hardwood, where to get it and what it is used for.

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