Stardew Valley Hat Mouse | Where to Find

The freedom to grow out your farm in any way you like in Stardew Valley is quite the experience. As you continue to expand and explore, achievements will be awarded, which also allow in-game prizes to be claimed. After you receive your first one, you’ll receive a letter from the Hat Mouse. This little guy sells hats, each representing an achievement you’ve unlocked. He tells you to come to the “old haus,” but where is it? Here’s what you need to know in order to find the Hat Mouse.

Where to Find Hat Mouse in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Reward from Hat Mouse

To find Hat Mouse, or the “old haus,” you need to go to the small Abandoned House within the Cindersap Forest. On your map, it is referred to as “Ruined House.” Tread southwest from your farm and move along the river. The house will be easily recognizable due to its “HATS” sign and a little mouse with a hat waiting at the door. This is where you will find Hat Mouse.

To start collecting hats, earn your first achievement to receive a letter the following day. This will detail a hat shop being opened for business. The letter reads, “Hi. Me sell hats. Okay, poke? Come to old old old haus, poke. Bring coines. -hat mouse”. Follow the steps mentioned in the previous paragraph, and a whole new variety of cosmetics will be made available. And you don’t have to be on a time restriction to see the Hat Mouse, as well. He’s open all day.

List of Available Hats

The Hat Mouse has a total of 34 distinctive hats, each costing 1,000g, no matter how fancy they look. The following is the list of hats that our little friend will sell to you, along with what needs to be accomplished in order to unlock them:

  1. Good Ol’ Cap – Earn 15,000g.
  2. Lucky Bow – Earn 50,000g.
  3. Cool Cap – Earn 250,000g.
  4. Bowler Hat – Earn 1,000,000g.
  5. Sombrero – Earn 10,000,000g.
  6. Blue Bonnet – Donate 40 different items to The Museum.
  7. Cowboy Hat – Complete the museum collection.
  8. Butterfly Bow – Reach a 5-heart friend level with someone.
  9. Mouse Ears – Reach a 10-heart friend level with someone.
  10. Cat Ears – Reach a 10-heart friend level with 8 people.
  11. Tiara – Reach a 5-heart friend level with 4 people.
  12. Santa Hat – Reach a 5-heart friend level with 10 people.
  13. Earmuffs – Reach a 5-heart friend level with 20 people.
  14. Delicate Bow – Cook 10 different recipes.
  15. Plum Chapeau – Cook 25 different recipes.
  16. Archer’s Cap – Cook every recipe.
  17. Tropiclip – Upgrade your house.
  18. Hunter’s Cap – Upgrade your house to the maximum size.
  19. Daisy – Craft 15 different items.
  20. Trucker Hat – Craft 30 different items.
  21. Gnome’s Cap – Craft every item.
  22. Sou’wester – Catch 10 different fish.
  23. Official Cap – Catch 24 different fish.
  24. Eye Patch – Catch every fish.
  25. Watermelon Band – Catch 100 fish.
  26. Polka Bow – Complete 10 ‘Help Wanted’ requests.
  27. Chicken Mask – Complete 40 ‘Help Wanted’ requests.
  28. Cowpoke Hat – Ship 15 of each crop.
  29. Cowgal Hat – Ship 300 of one crop.
  30. Goblin Mask – Ship every item.
  31. Chef Hat – Cook every recipe.
  32. Straw Hat – Win the egg hunt at the Egg Festival.
  33. Sailor’s Cap – Win the fishing competition at the Festival of Ice.
  34. Elegant Turban – Earn all other Achievements.

There are plenty of other hats that you can collect in Stardew Valley, and Hat Mouse has a good chunk of them. We hope this will be a good start for your hat collection.

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