How To Get Honey And Use Bee Houses in Stardew Valley

Honey, an Artisan Good, is just one of the many items that players can harvest in Stardew Valley. The sweet syrup contains beneficial properties for several flowers that can grow within a Bee House’s tile range, coupled with some useful recipes to make farming life a bit more profitable.

Stardew Valley Honey

There are multiple ways to go about getting Honey in the game, mainly through the aforementioned Bee Houses. Our guide is going to take a deep dive into the tasty substance, showing you how to use Bee Houses and flowers to produce Honey, as well as how to purchase it and other means in the Valley.

How Do You Get Honey in Stardew Valley

As we mentioned above, there are a couple of different ways to go about getting Honey in Stardew Valley. The list below showcases the different ways that you can get some for yourself in the game:

  • Bee Houses
  • Flowers
  • The Oasis in the Desert

Below we will take a deep dive into each of these methods, so you can figure out the best way to get Honey for your farm.

How To Get A Bee House

Bee Houses are the main way to get Honey in Stardew Valley. When using a Bee House, you’ll need to have a flower close by which can be pollinated to produce the sticky substance. There are two ways to go about getting a Bee House in Stardew Valley. 

The first way is to complete the Fall Crops Bundle in the Pantry for the Community Center. This specific bundle can only be completed in the Fall season, as it will require players to gather a variety of crops that are grown in the Fall. Specifically, you’ll need to collect an ear of Corn, an Eggplant, a Yam, and a Pumpkin. Once you have gathered the necessary crops, you’ll be rewarded with a Bee House.

Players can unlock the Pantry by completing any bundle in Stardew Valley. If you complete all six Bundles in the set, you’ll be able to restore the abandoned Greenhouse that is on your farm. This will allow you to grow crops year round, without waiting for a specific season to roll around.

Bee Houses can also be crafted once players have reached Farming Level 3. You’ll need Wood (x40), Coal (x8), an Iron Bar (x1), and Maple Syrup (x1) to craft the House. This can be repeated multiple times as long as you have the necessary materials in your inventory.

Stardew Valley How to Use Bee House

How to Use Bee Houses

Now that you have a general idea of what a Bee House does in Stardew Valley and how to unlock it, it’s time to take a deeper dive into using it to get Honey. Simply put, you can combine your Bee House and flowers to create a variety of different kinds of the fluid in question.

If you want to use your Bee House for production, you’ll need to place it somewhere outside, despite being able to be placed inside. Additionally, the sticky resource can be produced in every season except Winter.

Once you have placed your House, you’ll need to place a flower close to your Bee House to create the profitable substance. Your flower should be placed no more than five tiles from the Bee House vertically and four tiles horizontally. If you place a flower any further than this, you will not be able to use it to make Honey.

Multiple types of flowers can be placed around your Bee House, but you’ll still only be able to make one type of Honey. The closest flower to your House will take priority every time. At an equal distance, the flower that produces the most expensive kind will take priority. It will be produced by your Bee House every four days with a fully grown flower.

Which Flowers Produce the Most Valuable Honey?

There are six different flowers that players can use to produce Honey. They are all listed below in order of selling value, from least to greatest:

  • Tulip – 160g (224g with Artisan Profession)
  • Blue Jazz – 200g (280g with Artisan Profession)
  • Sunflower – 260g (364g with Artisan Profession)
  • Summer Spangle – 280g (392g with Artisan Profession)
  • Poppy – 380g (532g with Artisan Profession)
  • Fairy Rose – 680g (952g with Artisan Profession)

Expert Tip

As you may already know, each of these flowers is specific to certain seasons and will take different times to grow. As a rule of thumb, the flowers that produce the more valuable Honey will take a longer time to grow. Additionally, the more expensive the seed, the more expensive the good is produced.

If any of these flowers are harvested prior to producing their specific type of Honey, you’ll get Wild Honey. This is the least valuable of all types, and can be sold for 100g (140g with Artisan Profession). Additionally, flowers not listed above can be used to produce Wild Honey, which is simply generic Honey.

You’ll only need one flower working with a Bee House to produce Honey in the Valley. A single flower can service multiple Bee Houses, as long as the flower is within range. This means that you can have multiple Houses producing from just one flower.

Stardew Valley Honey in Kegs for Mead

Where to Purchase Honey

If farming Honey in Stardew Valley isn’t for you, then you’ll likely just want to purchase it. Thankfully, the Oasis store, located in The Desert, stocks the resource, but only on Fridays. If you’re after the sugary substance, you’ll need to plan a trip to the store on a Friday, where you’ll be able to purchase it for 200g from Sandy, the owner.

The Artisan Good can be used to make two different items in Stardew Valley, a Warp Totem and Mead. The Warp Totem will allow players to transport directly to their house, but can only be used once. Mead, on the other hand, is an Artisan Good and is a fermented drink made solely from Honey with a Keg, which should be drunk responsibly.

Now that you know all about Stardew Valley Honey, what are you waiting for? Let’s get buzzing with some profitable syrup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I not getting Honey in Stardew Valley?

If you’re placing a Bee House within the Greenhouse on your farm, Honey will not produce. Bee Houses must be established outdoors for Honey-influenced Flowers to grow.

Should I sell Honey?

Don’t just sell Honey by itself for a profit. Instead, mix it into a Keg to make some Mead. You can either sell the drink for some extra coin or gift it to someone in Stardew Valley who likes to have a sip or two (except Jas, Leo, Penny, Sebastian, and Vincent). Of course, Artisans will receive a bigger payout if they choose to sell their acquired syrup.

Can I get Honey on Ginger Island?

Much like with the other crops that can grow on Ginger Island, players can collect as much Honey as they want all year round, including Winter.