Stardew Valley | How Many Purple Starfish and Flowers?

Ginger Island is a major part of the schedule in Stardew Valley. If you want to collect everything the island has to offer, you’re going to need to do everything on the island. This means you’re going to need to head over to the Island Field Office at some point in your Ginger Island career. This northern-side island holds Professor Snail, who will be a major help for your completionist side. However, the island survey that asks you how many purple starfish and flowers there are on Ginger Island is, frankly, absurd. If you’re as tired of missing the mark as we are, we’ve got the correct answers right here.

How Many Purple Starfish and Flowers are on Ginger Island?

Stardew Valley - How Many Purple Starfish and Flowers are on Ginger Island?

There are 22 Purple Flowers and 18 Purple Starfish on Ginger Island in Stardew Valley. If Professor Snail asks about the flowers, answer with 22. If he asks about Starfish, answer with 18. This will grant you two Golden Walnuts in total, which is far from the maximum that the research station can give you, but they are certainly the easiest!

The main purpose of the Research Station are the fossil donations. These fossils are located all across the island, and are split into multiple categories. To get these, you can head to the Dig Site. Breaking Bone Nodes and digging at artifact spots will get you plenty of Large Animal fossils. You’ll also need to fish and pan in the Dig Site river.

Then, cut weeds in the Jungle and Break rocks in the Volcano for the Frog and Bat fossils. Finally, head to the West Side of Ginger Island to find parts of the Snake fossil by digging and fishing.

Thankfully, the Survey questions are not randomized at all. The answers will always be 22 Flowers and 18 Starfish. You can check yourself by searching through the island, but it is frankly not worth the effort for the single golden walnut you get for counting all of those purple specimen.

If you want more help collecting walnuts, we can help you with the Mermaid Show, which can grant you even more treasures and secrets!

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