Stardew Valley | How to Attach Bait to Rod

Stardew Valley is one of the coziest indie games to come out of the market in the last decade. Making your own farm and collecting resources is both fun and engaging. However, there is one thing that is so much more intense than the normal farming and even fighting that Stardew has to offer. That’s right, we’re talking about fishing! While this minigame’s perfect for making your blood pump, it can be slow going. So, you’re going to want to make it worth your while! Learn how to attach bait to a rod so you can be ready for the biggest catches in the game!

How to Attach Bait to Rod in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley attach bait to rod

In order to attach bait to your fishing rod in Stardew Valley, you’ll need to get a Fiberglass Rod, and Iridium Rod, or a Crab Pot. Then, you’ll need to obtain pieces of bait, which include the Bait, Magnet, Wild Bait, and Magic Bait items. Once you have them, you can “select” (click/right click) on the bait, then place them on the rod by using “select”. You can select the whole stack, or just have a single piece of bait, and then using the rod will use the baited version of the rod.

For controllers, this uses the “select” button (A on Xbox and Switch, X on PS4) or the “select one” button (X on Xbox, Y on Switch, Square on PS4). Then, hit the “select button” on the rod to put it on. Bam, empowered!

Bait can be a bit hard to find. You can craft bait from 1 Bug Meat, and this will cause your fish to bite a bit faster. Then, you basically have to “put” it on your rod!

There are currently 4 types of bait. The basic bait is just for catching speed. The Magnet is made for finding treasure, doubling your chance to find treasure… Without effecting fish catch rate, funny enough.

The Wild Bait is slightly better than the Bait, and is earned from Linus’s event. Finally, you can get Magic Bait from Qi. This bit will allow you to ignore time, season, and weather limitations.