How to Get All 4 Dwarf Scrolls in Stardew Valley

A lot of random items can drop from enemies in Stardew Valley. It seems like every other bat drops something that no bat should ever hold. One of their potential drops are the Dwarf Scrolls, a series of rolled-up papers that seem to hold no specific import.

These four tiny Dwarf Scrolls are needed in order to build a translation guide.

Like learning how to rotate furniture or remove bushes, these scrolls are not critical to story progression. However, acquiring these four items will allow you to talk with a strange villager. You’ll not want to miss them, especially if it is your first time playing through the game! Let’s go over each of the Dwarf Scrolls and where you can find them. Keep in mind that these scrolls are relatively hard farms, and you’ll need all four of them to make the Dwarvish Translation Guide.

Dwarf Scroll I

The first Dwarf Scroll, pictured above, includes a small red bow. This is a very rare, random drop from Bats, Bugs, Cave Flies, Duggies, Green Slimes, Rock Crabs, and Stone Golems. They can also appear when using a Hoe on any floor of the Mines or Skull Caverns, albeit even more rarely than slaying enemies.

Expert Tip

Even though Tilling has a lower chance to collect a Dwarf Scroll than killing enemies, tilling on floors 90 to 95 of the mines is one of the best ways to farm the item. This is because there is a lot of soil next to the elevator, making it easy to poke your head in, till, and then leave. This is a great way to get Scrolls I and IV of the Guide.

Dwarf Scroll II

Like Dwarf Scroll I, you can very rarely collect the 2nd scroll by killing Blue Slimes, Dust Sprites, Frost Bats, or Ghosts. You can also till the soil from floors 1 to 39 of the mines, though this is a quite rare drop from the act.

Unlike for Scrolls I and IV, there is no floor on the first 40 levels of the Mines with very consistent tillable soil. You’ll simply have to get lucky! We recommend farming the enemies on floor 41-79 instead, as they do have a slightly higher drop rate. And Dust Sprites spawn in packs, making them a fairly good place to get them!

Dwarf Scroll III

The third dwarf scroll is the first that must be earned through combat, and through no other means. It is very rarely dropped by Blue, Red, Purple, Copper, Iron, and Tiger Slimes, as well as Lava Bats, Lava Crabs, Squid Kids, Shadow Brutes, Shadow Shamans, Metal Heads, Spiders, and Blue Squids.

These are rare drops, but most slimes may drop the scroll, making it possible to find anywhere. In addition, this scroll drops relatively late in the mines due to the Lava enemies and Void Spirits that drop them. So, it can be slightly easier to accidentally get compared to the other scrolls.

However, Blue Slimes – or Frost Jellies – have a very high drop rate comparatively, at a whopping 1.5%. This is triple the drop rate of any other enemy, making them the most obvious target for your farm. They can be found on floors 41-79 of the mines or in the Secret Woods.

Dwarf Scroll IV

The Dwarf Scroll IV has the highest enemy density and the lowest drop rate. As long as it is not the Skeleton, Serpent, Wilderness Golem, Carbon Ghost, Iridium Bat, Iridium Crab, or Haunted Skull, a IV can drop from it. However, this is a 0.1% chance, meaning you’ll clear an average of 1,000 enemies before they’ll even consider it!

It also has a 0.2% chance to be tilled from the Mines on Floor 80 and up.

The Dwarvish Translation Guide

The Dwarf might seem a bit scary when you first meet him, but it's just a language barrier!

Once you have all four Dwarven Scrolls, donate them to the Museum and Gunther will give you the Dwarvish Translation Guide, which lets you translate their language. You can talk to a few Dwarves in Stardew Valley, including the one in the town mines and in the Volcano Dungeon. You can also read a gravestone in the Graveyard, which gives you a riddle.

The Dwarf in the Mines, hidden behind a rock only breakable with a Steel Pickaxe or a strong Bomb, can be communicated with once you get the Dwarven Translation Guide. The Dwarf sells a few elixirs, bombs, food, and decorations. They also sell the Rarecrow. You can befriend the Dwarf with various gems and items from the Mines.

Floor 5 of the Dungeon has a dwarf that has a small shop. Don’t break anything to avoid fighting the Dwarvish Sentry! Once you have the Guide, you can purchase a few items, including bombs, Cinderclown Shows, food, and warp totems. You cannot befriend this Dwarf.

The Grave gives you a hint to a game secret. Hold a Prismatic Shard above your head and step between the three pillars of the Calico Desert. This will turn the shard into the Galaxy Sword, an incredibly powerful weapon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which floor levels are best to find Dwarf Scrolls?

Tilling the dirt on floor 95 is a great way to farm Scrolls 1 and 4. Scroll 2 and 3 are both good to farm on floors 41-79. Dust Sprites can drop 2 and spawn often, and 3 has a higher-than-usual drop rate from Blue Slimes.

Where can the Dwarf be found?

The Dwarf – who can be befriended – is located in the Mines. Just inside the entrance, hook to the right to see a blockade. You need a Steel Pickaxe or a Bomb to meet them, but they is useless until you get the Dwarvish Translation Guide.

Can you marry the Dwarf?

No, the Dwarf cannot be married. You can give them gifts once you understand Dwarvish to improve their relationship, and their birthday is on 22 Summer. Other than the Heart Event at 50 Friendship Points, there is no significant event that occurs for having high Friendship with the Dwarf, unlike Krobus, who can move in when you are friendly with them.