How to Make Maple Syrup in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley gives you access to a lot of materials and ingredients you can use for crafting, cooking, farming, and more. One such ingredient is Maple Syrup, a sweet sap that can be harvested from Maple Trees, provided you have the right tool for the job.

Stardew Valley How to Make Maple Syrup

This particular resource benefits the Tappers in the Valley who thrive off of creating and selling goods. It may not be used for a wide variety of tasks and activities, but it’s still a worthwhile item to have on you for a couple of quests, coupled with any available recipes that make great use of the substance. Keep reading to find out how to make Maple Syrup and what you can use it for.

How to Make Maple Syrup

The first thing you’re going to need to make Maple Syrup is a Tapper, a piece of refining equipment you can place on various trees to extract their sap in Stardew Valley. There are currently two types of Tappers in the game (the regular Tapper and the Heavy Tapper), and both can only be obtained via crafting.

Whenever you have a Tapper that’s ready to start producing sap, you just need to place it on a Maple Tree to make Maple Syrup. It normally takes the Tapper nine days to collect the syrup but you only need to wait half as long if you’re using a Heavy Tapper. In either case, you must rely only on Maple Trees for this process.

Placing a tapper on an Oak Tree will generate Oak Resin instead of the syrup that we’re looking for. Keep this in mind as you experiment with the different kinds of trees in the Valley.

If you’re low on wood or aren’t too much of a fan when it comes to foraging, you can look right outside of Pelican Town to locate the Maple Trees. They’re sitting in the usual forests and woods, and you can chop down or tap them to your liking. You won’t be able to purchase this specific Artisan Good from any vendor in Stardew Valley, so you’ll have to depend on your own efforts to make some.

Stardew Valley Maple Syrup in Inventory

Expert Tip

While the base price for Maple Syrup is set at 200g (250g if you’re a professional Tapper), nearly everyone in Pelican Town likes the substance. Thus, you can gift them with the sap in mind for a little Friendship boost. You won’t benefit much from consuming it since its Energy and Health points are at 50 and 22, respectively. Just be sure to not present this to Maru, she isn’t very fond of what you’ve crafted from a Maple Tree.

How to Make Tapper and Heavy Tapper

As we mentioned before, there are two tappers in Stardew Valley that the players can use — standard and Heavy. The former will be craftable shortly after you’ve begun your journey in the Valley; the latter will come at a later time due to the required ingredients. We’ll show you how to craft both tappers so that you can get started on getting yourself some sap.

To craft a basic Tapper, you’ll first need to reach Foraging Level 3 to unlock the required recipe. Once you have, gather 40 pieces of Wood and combine them with two Copper Bars to make the Tapper.

Then there’s the Heavy Tapper which works twice as fast as the normal version but crafting this one requires 30 pieces of Hardwood and a Radioactive Bar. In addition, you’ll need to buy the recipe from Qi’s Walnut Room for 20 Qi Gems after you successfully visit Ginger Island.

What is Maple Syrup Used For?

Maple Syrup has quite a few uses in Stardew Valley. For one, you can combine it with Sugar and Wheat Flour to create Maple Bars. The recipe for this cooked dish is obtainable by tuning into the Queen of Sauce through the television. It’s only available through the TV as the player gets to learn one of 32 new recipes.

You can also combine Maple Syrup with Wood, Coal, and an Iron Bar to craft a Bee House. It’s primarily used for making Honey, which opens up to the players after they’ve attained Farming Level 3. Be mindful of the Winter season, however. You won’t be able to extract Honey when the snow falls down in Pelican Town.

Stardew Valley Forester and Gatherer Planting Trees

Maple Syrup is a Tailoring ingredient as well, allowing you to make Floppy Beanies when combined with Oak Resin and Pine Tar. Finally, the sticky substance is needed for the Chef’s Bundle and the Exotic Foraging Bundles, as well as two quests that involve the Fish Pond and Secret Note #23. With this in mind, it’s best to preserve the substance whenever you have the chance. Due to its tapping process of nine days, it can be easy to forget about a tapper when you’re preoccupied with many other tasks in Stardew Valley.