How to Make Mayonnaise in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a world of possibilities, fantastical in nature! You can cast spells, build great machines, and encounter creatures that can only exist in the realm of fantasy. But, sometimes, in the pursuit of fantasy, you just want a nice sandwich or coleslaw. Mayonnaise is an ingredient and profitable sale item in Stardew Valley. It’s worth getting to know it if you plan on raising chickens, ostriches, or even dinosaurs.

This small condiment jar can only be created using the Mayonnaise Machine

But, how do you get it? Like learning how to rotate furniture or remove bushes from your farm, making mayonnaise is a simple lesson best learned early. And once you’re crafting away, is there a consistent way to raise your condiment’s profits? Read on to learn more, because we’re about to talk all things mayo!

How to Use Mayonnaise Machine

You'll unlock the Mayonnaise Machine when you reach Farming Level 2

The Mayonnaise Machine is a recipe unlocked by reaching Level 2 in Farming in Stardew Valley. To build the machine, you will need 15 Wood, 15 Stone, one Earth Crystal, and one Copper Bar. By placing an Egg into the machine and waiting three hours, Mayonnaise will appear. There is no other upkeep required to make mayo of any quality.

This machine works very strangely. Rather than taking an egg and processing a product of the same quality, different products will make different quality mayo for you. Normal mayo production follows these rules:

  • Eggs will produce normal mayo no matter what, regardless of quality or coloring. However, since eggs have such low base pricing, you should always produce the artisan version.
  • Large Eggs produce Gold Quality Mayo. Once again, this is a large enough price hike that you should always do it, if you have the time and machines open.
  • Ostrich Eggs produce 10 drops of mayo of the quality of the Ostrich Egg. So, a Gold Ostrich Egg will make Gold Mayo, a Silver Egg Silver Mayo, etc. Always worth it.
  • Golden Eggs produce three Mayo jars of Gold Quality. This is worth it, unless you get an Iridium Golden Egg. Even then, if you have the Artisan profession, you should put that in the machine anyways!

In general, this machine is the best way to sell your egg products at a high profit. With that said, however, it is quite slow. You should plan on getting enough Copper and Earth Crystals to make a few of these. You only need to spend time in the higher floors of the mines to get them, after all! It won’t take much time to get the 5-10 that will churn out enough mayo for to use all of your available eggs.

Mayo itself can be sold cold-turkey or made into two recipes: Coleslaw or Fish Tacos. These are fairly filling, but usually not worth the effort or extra ingredients if you are trying to sell for profit. Mayo can be made into Light Blue Shirts or turned into White Dye, as well.

Different Types of Mayonnaise

While not eggs are valid for mayonnaise, Dinosaur Eggs can make some delicious and profitable condiments.

The normal Mayonnaise item is quite profitable, but it isn’t the only way to make it. There are a few other items that will also make their own variants of mayo: Duck Eggs, Void Eggs, and Dinosaur Eggs. They take the same three hours, but churn out product at a somewhat higher price than their normal, chicken-laid counterparts.

No matter what quality each of these eggs are, when turned into mayo, they will always be normal quality. Typically, that will be a problem, but… These guys make very expensive mayonnaise! You will always turn a profit if you sell Duck Mayo, Void Mayo, or Dinosaur Mayo, even if the egg is iridium.

Duck and Dinosaur Mayo are not used in any standard recipes or quests in Stardew Valley. However, Dinosaur Mayo is used in “The Missing Bundle” if you blast open the doors of the Abandoned Jojomart. Completing this bundle unlocks the Movie Theater. Duck Mayo isn’t as lucky, and isn’t used in any bundles.

Void Mayo is also not used in bundles. However, with Wheat Flower and a Periwinkle, you can make a Strange Bun with it. You get this recipe from Shane when he reaches high enough friendship. It’s not good for eating. However, you can offer it to the Shrine of Night Terrors at the Witch’s Hut to allow (or disallow) monsters to spawn on your farm.

All of these sell for quite a lot more than their egg equivalents, and are valid methods of profit by themselves.

Which Mayo Is Most Profitable?

Void Mayonnaise is technically the most valuable product made by the Mayonnaise Machine, followed by Duck Mayo and Regular Mayo made from normal eggs. These take very low-priced egg products and convert them to relatively high-selling artisan goods. Since the Machine processes all eggs in about the same amount of time, time is not a factor in this. However, you will be more likely to have more chickens than void chickens or ducks, making the regular mayo the more likely sell.

All types of Mayo sell for a gigantic profit over just selling the eggs at regular quality, with the exception of Dino Eggs. Even without Artisan, you are making nearly 400% profit over standard Eggs, Void Eggs, or Duck Eggs by making them Mayo. You’re still making over 300% profit with Ostrich Eggs.

Void Mayonnaise just barely eeks out the win. Since Void Eggs don’t cost much, it’s relatively high-cost mayo will always be a great sell, even downgrading Iridium Quality eggs to normal quality mayo. If you have a bunch of Void Chickens, you have a money-duplicating machine on your hands!

Dinosaur Eggs are very close to not being profitable. Since they sell for more, Iridium Dino Eggs only make a 114% profit if you turn them to mayo. That is, notably, still a decent profit! 800g is nothing to sneeze at. But, considering the rarity of dinos, you probably won’t be making a farm out of this product alone.

Do Villagers Like Mayo?

Interestingly, most NPCs in Stardew Valley like mayonnaise. The only character that dislikes it is Caroline. The four characters that hate it are Jas, Sam, Sebastian, and Vincent. All other characters seem fine with the condiment, though no others will love you for the gift.

Villagers also love the food that Mayonnaise can create. Everyone except Krobus, Leo, and Willy will accept a gift of Coleslaw and improve your relationship. Krobus, Leo, and Emily hate Fish Tacos, but everyone else likes them. For Caroline and Gus, Fish Tacos are in the “love” category, improving their relationship significantly more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should You Turn Large Eggs Into Mayo?

Yes, you should turn Large Eggs of any quality into Mayo. If you don’t need the Large Egg for any quest, recipe, or gift, then you will turn a minimum of a 150% profit on turning it into a condiment, and a maximum of a 420% profit.

Which Recipes Call For Mayonnaise?

Regular Mayonnaise is used in Coleslaw or Fish Tacos. These are solid food options that a significant number of villagers like. Void Mayonnaise can make the Strange Bun item, but no other variant Mayo makes any other recipe.

Are There Other Uses For Mayo?

Mayo is a fantastic economic engine for profit. It can also be used at the Tailors to be made into outfits, or turned into a dye. Mayo may also be requested for Fish Pond quests to increase the size of said ponds.