How to Make a Wedding Dress in Stardew Valley

The Stardew Valley Wedding Ceremony event is an honestly beautiful cutscene. You work hard to befriend the villagers of Pelican Town, and seeing your work pay off with a happy union is legitimately breathtaking. But, the payoff is missing a bit of a crucial detail: You don’t get to keep the wedding dress! However, with a bit of creativity, you can make one just for yourself.

While there is no official Wedding Dress in Stardew Valley, we can still make a beautiful dress for ourselves!

Stardew Valley has a very in-depth tailoring system, but some items are just straight-up missing from the customization options. Don’t worry, though. Beyond teaching how to remove bushes from your farm or rotate furniture, we can also help you make a happy memory, or prepare for the future!

All clothes that are featured in this guide are created with the Sewing Machine. The Sewing Machine is available at 2 Willow Lane after you make Cloth for the first time, or one can be obtained by completing the “Rock Rejuvenation” special order for Emily. Rock Rejuvenation requires you to get 1 of each Gemstone — Amethyst, Emerald, Jade, Ruby, and Topaz — for Emily.

Now, onto how to make your own wedding dress! The homemade variety is comprised of three pieces — the Bridal Veil, Bridal Shirt, and a Long Dress. Here’s what you need to do to in order to craft each component.

How to Make a Bridal Veil

A Bridal Veil is created by combining a Pearl with Cloth at the Sewing Machine. Pearls can be caught while on the Submarine minigame during the Night Market Festival. However, it is usually easier to collect your first Pearl through the Mermaid Boat. Alternatively, you can get one through Artifact Troves or having a Blobfish Pond at capacity.

If you want a Pearl from the Mermaid, you will want to input 1-5-4-2-3, with the shells from left to right. The Night Market fishing minigame gives you an abysmal chance to get the item, so you may want to focus on either making a Blobfish Pond or searching through Artifact Troves from the Desert Trader.

How to Make a Bridal Shirt

Bridal Shirts, Veils, or a Long Dress can't be made without borrowing the sewing machine on 2 Willow Lane or getting your own.

A Bridal Shirt can be obtained by putting an Ornamental Fan through the Sewing Machine. To find an Ornamental Fan, you’ll need to get lucky at an Artifact Spot on the Beach, Cindersap Forest, or in Pelican Town. Alternatively, you can find one randomly in Fishing Chests or in Artifact Troves.

Artifact Spots are areas market by worms, sticks, or twigs that stick out of the dirt. Any shovel will let you dig it up and give you a small chance at finding this fan. Your best chance to get one is on the Beach.

Fans aren’t used for much other than donations to the Museum, making the Shirt, or befriending the Dwarf or Penny.

How to Make a Long Dress

A Long Dress can be made by spooling a Fairy Rose or a Sunflower through the Sewing Machine. A pack of Fairy Rose seeds can be purchased from either store during the fall and can be found on the Magic Shop Boat during the end of the Night Market. Sunflower Seeds can be found from either store, the Nigh Market’s Magic Shop Boat, or on the Traveling Cart.

Once you have the Long Dress, you’ll probably want to dye it white by filling all dye pots and accessing the Hue, Saturation, and Lightness level.

The Fairy Rose is a beautiful flower that takes 12 days to grow in the Fall. Fall is, therefore, the only time to buy the seeds! If you want to make Honey in Stardew Valley, the Fairy Rose is a fantastic option.

Sunflowers are less expensive and take less time to grow, and can be grown in both Summer and Fall. We recommend going with this crop if you want to make a dress.

The default color of the Long Dress is pink, so you’ll need to dye it White. Fill each Dye Pot — found to the side of the Sewing Machine — with items of the corresponding color. Then, head to the Dye Bottle to the right of the pots. This will access the HSL menu, where you can simply set the “L” value to 100. This will dye the long dress white, perfect for a wedding dress!

Expert Tip

There are not many White shoes in Stardew Valley. The Crystal Shoes, from the Skull Cavern, are an excellent option, but provides low stats if you want to keep the outfit on permanently. Thankfully, you can move the stats from any other Footwear item to them using the Spooling system, by putting the cosmetic shoe into the feed and the footwear with the right stats into the Spool.

Other Wedding Dress Options

If you want a Wedding Dress with slightly more customization, there are quite a few skirts in Stardew Valley! Here are all of the options that you can currently make as of Patch 1.5.

  • Skirt: Blue Jazz or Tulips.
  • Pleated Skirt: Poppy or Summer Spangle.
  • Grass Skirt: Hay.

Of the options, only Skirts and Pleated Skirts can be dyed. A Grass Skirt will make for a very… we’ll say interesting wedding dress, however.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a Wedding Dress to get married?

No, you do not need a Wedding Dress to be married. One will be provided for you during the Wedding event of Stardew Valley. You just need 10 Friendship with a valid partner and a Mermaid’s Pendant.

Can you change NPC clothes?

No, you cannot change NPC clothes in Stardew Valley. Events may temporarily change clothing for NPCs. If, for instance, you get married, your partner will automatically get the tuxedo or wedding dress during the ceremony. However, without mods, you cannot force any NPC to change their clothes permanently.

Can you sell old clothing?

You can only sell shoes in Stardew Valley.